Sleepy Hollow S2E5 review: “The Weeping Lady”

Katrina Weeping Lady


The Green Eyed Monster

First, let me get this out of the way. Ichabod’s jacket. Within the first moments of the 5th episode of the second season, some girl named Caroline is sewing buttons on it. At least they poke fun at my torture by having her add that she thinks Ichabod is a devoted Colonial re-enactor, and then reveals that she has made him new breeches, shirt and hose all cut from cloth woven on a Heritage Saxony loom. Oh, they know I’m watching. Does the jacket ever go in the washing machine? Get hand washed?  Now, I’ve done my share of wearing re-enactment clothing and period correct costumes. But why can’t Ichabod be more like Claire from “Outlander” and just get with whatever time he’s in and dress appropriately? Except the brass button pants. Uh, yeah. He can keep those on. Those, we like.

Hey at least Abbie’s hair didn’t stay bone straight after she fell in the water…oh wait, a few minutes later it’s like she had access to a blow dryer.  Must repeat: It’s TV, it’s TV, it’s TV.

More importantly, in this episode, we get to see Katrina use her power, so she’s finally  “powerful and devious” not just Captive and Victim. Like may fans, I was getting a little antsy to see Katrina do something more than look moon eyed at the bewigged Headed Horseman between spying on Henry Parrish and glancing at the door.

The central story this week is the local Colonial folklore of a Weeping Lady who turns out to be someone Ichabod once knew. We’re guided between Fact and Fiction, Present and Past.  There are mucho flashbacks, so there isn’t a driving story arc. I’m finding that in the past two episodes,  the story lurches forward, has some good moments, but doesn’t deliver the punch of more stand alone episodes or the ones that have driven the story forward at a galloping pace.

Hawley shows up again right when and where Abbie’s researching a supernatural event, and AGAIN Abbie thinks this is normal.

Moloch gets his rolling thunder voice in there to express his ire and angst, leaving poor Henry Parrish weeping like a little lost boy.  And you actually feel a little sorry for him.

What I love about this show is that characters have unexpected secrets and complexity, good weaves with evil, and plot twists bring small reveals, and the headless horseman gets a little more vulnerable, a little more human.

Another little surprise: Jenny and Nick, sitting in a tree…

Jenny Mills Nick Hawley


Not sure if throwing the sister in there deflates the potential for romantic rivalry or just shifts it from Ichabod (who is, after all, married) to a potential Jenny/Abbie rivalry.

Anybody else think Hawley bears some resemblance to the original Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown)?? No?  Just me?


Sheriff August Corbin


My Favorite Moment

Ichabod, after watching high school Spirit Squad girls do aerial splits in tiny shorts: “I’m duly impressed by their…spirit.”

My Pet Peeve

You already know the answer to this.