Sleepy Hollow S2E7: “Deliverance”

It’s What You Expected

Ichabod I Voted

Nice that they aired this episode on the eve of November 4th with Abbie voting (and reminding viewers that women and blacks did not always have the right to vote: SO VOTE TODAY!) Your Sleepy Hollow public announcement is now completed.

Moloch wants in this world in a bad bad way. And Henry Parrish does his bidding. Not a good combination.  He’s put something nasty into Katrina via a a venomous essence in  spider form. When Henry’s henchmen come to take Katrina away, The Headless Horseman (aka Abraham) fights to keep her with him in a brave act of valor, only stopped by the dreaded sunlight that Henry inflicts on him.

Katrina escapes and ends up in the hospital with a high fever. Henry’s henchmen are after her and she gets to leave the hospital in tight pants and corset in lieu of her colonial clothes. (We did start with a shirtless Ichabod in bed, so…)

The race to stop what’s growing inside Katrina by sundown, and to escape Henry and his tenacious henchmen, creates nice tension, juxtaposed with Abbie and Ichabod’s marital passion.  Abbie takes a bit of a resigned backseat to witness all of this (and doesn’t seem all that happy about it).

Ichabod and Katrina

Ichabod tries to convince his son/Henry to put his mother, Katrina, first. He even has a vision of his son as a boy, running through a forest calling for help. But Henry is too enthralled with Moloch, and Ichabod returns to his very pregnant-by-demon wife, and shares the episode’s prerequisite wacky idea: that an aurora borealis can get rid of demons.  All they need is a stone tablet, a prism, sunlight, and a tactical team!

Wait…where did Ichabod learn CPR to save his wife?  From The Weeping Lady episode, I assume.

And once again (and a bit formulaically), Henry Parrish has another trick up his sleeve at the very end of the show to propel us into the next evil turn in episode 8, which looks seductively enticing…

My Favorite Moments

Katrina taking control of her own fate by kneeing one of her kidnappers and escaping

“Democracy in action”

The look on Ichabod’s face when he tells Henry “It is time we talked.”

Quoting “King Lear”

Abbie telling her police captain partial truths about a supposed cult so she can to gather a tactical team

When Ichabod and Katrina kiss and Abbie says “I belong somewhere else.”

My Pet Peeves

Henry’s henchman so easily stopped by a rolling cart and a tray



The final word, as inspired by “Deliverance:”  VOTE!

Sleepy Hollow S2E3 review: “Root of All Evil”



To Coin a Phrase…

This episode gives us a coin that brings out the worst in people as Henry grins his way through his latest machinations. There are some historical references, the usual flashback. Katrina and Parrish’s connection is advanced and explored a bit. We get more wit, and historical playfulness around Benedict Arnold, Samuel Adams. But this episode felt like the show was vamping (jazz definition, not horror). I would have liked to have seen Abbie go to the darkside instead of her sister.  I know that’s probably being saved for some future episode when she gets all demony just when Ichabod starts to get too close for comfort. I felt there was little or no tension when Jenny went hunting. You knew what was going to happen and how (even when).  Now, if she’d  had deeper sister issues and pulled the trigger and shot Abbie (to wound of course), THAT would’ve caught my attention. But really though, a little temporary rough and mean from Noble Abbie would have been welcome and refreshing.

Looking forward to seeing where they go with the Mother thing. And if the Blonde Hunk will be recurring. Ultimately, this was a setting-things-in-motion episode, and every show has them. As Ichabod said, it is important “now more than ever that you and I stay true. Trust is the only currency with any value.” Truer words were rarely said. It is necessary for the true fan to stay the course, and stay true to this show, for small treasures lead to greater rewards.

My Favorite Moments:

“I know about homosexuals, thank you.”

Ichabod in black. He works that shirt…no No NO, he’s putting that damned coat back on!

Uhm, blonde hunk.

All those close beards.

Nicole’s fresh phrasing and reactions. She’s not slouching.

The constant play on traditional history.

The model town (I love miniatures)

My Pet Peeves:

Ichabod’s jacket.  It has a life of its own.  As long as he keeps wearing it; I’ll keep complaining. Costume might be a way to establish character, but it’s not necessary to maintain it. WE’RE IN SEASON TWO. He has a British accent and speaks archaically. We won’t forget where he’s from or who he is. Let’s have some fun with modern versions of what he’s used to wearing.  And will he be wearing those tall boots in summer? (Note to writers: across that Tappan Zee bridge we keep seeing in the show, there is a big mall. Abbie could take Ichabod shopping, introduce him to the true new America and get him some NEW CLOTHES.)

Hey, folks, it’ll be Halloween before we know it. I drove through the actual Sleepy Hollow this past weekend and will be attending the annual Halloween event there, which pre-dates the show. And yes, there is a very cool and impressively scary Headless Horseman on an actual horse.  I wish I could figure out how to laser carve one of the creepier faces from the show onto a pumpkin:  A grinning Henry Parrish.

grinning henry