_vtr0n presents GHOST IN THE MACHINE



By The Fulbright Company for PC


GONE HOME is one of those games that’s hard to describe. Is it a horror game? Yes and no. You actually have to decide if it’s a horror game or not. It does give off an ominous vibe, and some metaphors late in the game could be interpreted as “horror” or “horrific”, but I think the scariest thing is the fact that you can go through literally everything in this house. It’s like you’re a thief and everything is ripe for the taking. I have to say, I liked the idea of going through, reading about people I don’t know, and taking their possessions. I liked it so much I played through the game again just so I could engage in digital arson.

There aren’t enough words in the English language to use to describe the feelings that GONE HOME digs up. The story of the game is you’ve just gotten back from abroad and no one is home and you don’t know why. Little clues start pointing you in a direction and you’re off. Not a lot to it really. In fact if you just follow the story and not take in some side endeavors then you can almost beat the game in under an hour.

The GONE HOME page on STEAM has a lot of negative reviews on it. People though, have a legitimate reason not to like this game. It’s short, it’s niche, and its 20$ which is a lot of dinero to shell out for a game like this.

The game is like the story, it’s an adventure. It’s a risk. It’s perverse. It’s cathartic. It’s expensive. At it’s pinnacle though, it’s a brand new experience. Do you have what it takes to invade a person’s home??