Friend of Mine

Friend of Mine



I can remember when first I laid eyes on you

It was across the crowded room our eyes met

I’ll admit it took a moment for me to catch my breath

Friend of mine


It only took you months to steal my heart

If truth be told

I was smitten from the start

Friend of mine


Hours and days, spent in relaxed company

Your beautiful eyes focused solely on me

Hand in mine a feeling so true

Friend of mine


Keeping rhythm, pace and time

Our bodies shudder, our limbs entwined

Bliss builds way deep inside

Your orgasm explodes following mine

Heartbeat still racing

Relaxation the moment divine

Friend of mine


Weeks later and I knew

From silence and baleful stares across table and food

Replaced I knew

My position now taken by someone new

As emotionless I stand my ground

With my teeth clenched , and a dam of tears held back I proclaim

That with your life you should move on

Friend of mine


Time passes

Amongst loneliness and defeating sorrow my realization is true

That something had been ripped

Torn mercilessly in two

My shadow a meager sliver of me that I once knew

Friend of mine



After watching and waiting a schedule develops

In a calculated moment I find you alone

I advance toward you in shadow and emotion of stone

Your eyes alight upon me as your mouth lets out a groan

As I swing the weapon your last conscious moment alone

Friend of mine

Your skull I crack

Bloody hammer heavy in swinging hand

Baring my soul for you…to never understand

My life, my love, my everything

But to you I didn’t mean a thing

Friend of mine


Now I have you by my side

Your body devoid of reason and rhyme

This spine of yours once supporting something truly divine

In my twisting grasp you are now truly mine

Your once impressive pleasuring organ now ground under heel in the dirt

No part of you has any use any more

I ripped your spleen, and carelessly tossed it to the floor

With my hands I tore your heart in two

A feeling I very recently knew

Your intestines, your blood, a floor cloaked in grue

Around me a radius that was once all of you

This scene of carnage in which I stand

I am momentarily sated

and yet…

I still hunger for more