AproPOE – by Renfield Rasputin

I cast my gaze upon darkened skies while gates of benevolent horn and ivory on high

Open to sever my memory of the night of her demise.

Hammering rain stains Parisian clay glistening through fog like glitter on blood in a haze

Reviving golden memories of her with thoughts like that of olden days

And the gilded pathway to our devotion that lies broken in dismay

I venture into the swill to visit the crypt of my long deceased fiancé


In a ruined chapel I kiss the cold darkness

“Why does thou torture me – Why does thou torture me?”


On a red September the cinnamon smell of burning autumn embers

Lead me to her final resting place as I remember

But the love that I still held in my heart could tender the wild spark in the parlor’s fire

Fueling the passion that I’ve held for my fiancé’s desire

And rage for the scoundrel that against me would conspire

As a murder of crows gather to sing a funeral dirge in a black shadow choir.


Through a mourning wreathe I kiss sorrow with open lips

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”


Sunset bleeds itself to death in puddles of crimson and gold.

My love lies still, absent from life and embraced in a spectral hold.

Creeping ivy still alive mocks her casket bathed in moonlight

Eyes that see nothing stare at the heavens in frozen sight

Never to hear again the white dove’s wings take flight

While angels carved in stone cast down their stares at her tonight.


On the tomb of my lady fair I kiss death with numb lips

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”


It is not of her vanity nor loss of my sanity, I ask the winds to bring her back to me

For one last kiss from cadaverous lips I would thank my lucky scars for all eternity

To the devil I would sell my soul if I knew that her life it would reclaim

If only to have her again in my grasp and hear her whisper my name

To feel her breath land heavy upon my neck and kiss away the pain

That I felt when she drank of the wine tainted Wolfsbane.


As sunset falls I romance ghosts of forgotten love

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”


She is a funeral, lying silent, her heart absent from life

Dead as the flowers around her crown, she will never be my wife.

Crimson stains on her white burial gown, reminds me of roses on display in the snow.

Her intoxicating sleep invites me deep into a realm that life does not know.

Thoughts of driving the knife in my heart and start to turn it ever slow

With a suicide wish on my lamented lips death would be the best gift that God could bestow.


A perverse final verse for this libertine cursed

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”



Not meant for her life was the poison she sipped from a chalice

But it is with mine that I will tear Heaven asunder with unholy malice

So I swear to black roses that I lay upon her grave

It is without impunity that the villain’s life, no one will save

By any path of redemption and salvation for his soul God may pave

If angels fail to bring content for me, I know the Devil has many ways.


On a sickened mourning, revenge drips from my lips

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”


No thoughts of vengeance are cruel enough that I could ever dream

In my mind I can hear her cry through a tornado of screams.

I will release godless anger and rain blood on him with all Levianthan’s brutality

He will not want this hell, when I will set him to sail alone on Stygian shore’s finality

Lapping the taste of his blood from my hands without frugality,

And will spit upon his rotting grave will all my lethality.


With love time will pass, with time love will pass.

“Why does thou torture me, Why does thou torture me?”


I listen to hear the last of the black autumn sparrow sing

Angels of undead whisper my hymn of “The Torment of Kings”

In life I will suffer replaying her tragedy unforeseen

In Hell I will suffer for relishing in his death scheme

I pray wolves to guard my grave and bless my soul unclean

For life is nothing more to me now, then a scream within a dream.


“Why does thou torture me – Why does thou torture me?”


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