It’s been Zombiemania ever since the release of Walking Dead and even prior, people can’t seem to get enough undead carnage to feed their appetite but have you ever sat down and thought really hard about who you would have in your zombie survival group? If you work in an office, it may be a good idea to discuss your groups and how you would pair up just in case there is no more room left in hell and the dead walk the earth. So I thought about what celebrities I would have join in on my crusade for survival in an undead world.

1.Justin Bieber, now I know what you’re thinking. You’re asking yourself why the Biebs, simply because I’ll have someone to trip and laugh at. Other than that he really serves no purpose but for get away bait.If the Biebs were to carry anything it would be a dummy gun, just a wooden model of one.

2.Bruce Campbell, he has been through so much trauma due to Raimi on the sets of the Evil Dead films that he probably has some sort of PTSD. So as soon as stuff starts to go down, he’ll snap out of it and start kicking the ass of the living dead. Bruce would definitely get a chainsaw and a shotgun.

3.Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, have you seen how huge he is lately? That guy is a mountain of muscle that can be used to build barricades and get a lot of things done that the smaller guys aren’t able to do. I just picture him dropping the peoples elbow on one of the ghouls. There’s just so much he can get done, he’d be amazing for the team. His weapon would be some sort of machine gun.

4.Simon Pegg, he may come off as a slightly odd choice but the guy is hilarious. It won’t be the most fun and liberating of times but I’m sure that he would be able to diffuse a lot of stressful situations. He’d be great with a cricket bat.

5.Amy Adams, she doesn’t necessarily serve too much purpose but she seems like she’d be really sweet and caring. Not only that but able to think past makeup and things of that short. As for her weapon I’d say a defibulator, I’m not too sure how that would work but I’ve never seen it and I think it would be quite hilarious.

This group I think would fit so well together. Well at least two through 4 but Biebs would be zombie bait anyway for a tight situation. Other than that, I think these people have some really great minds as well personalities so then survival can at least be fun when it can rather than just a constant period of misery.

As for a location, I say The Winchester and of course if you’ve seen Shaun of the Dead, you know why. We’re all going to grab have a nice pint and wait for everything to blow over.How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

I want to know who would be in your celebrity zombie survival group? Leave a comment and let me know your 5.

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  1. I asked my Freaky Darlings who would be in their Celebrity Zombie survival group: I started out with Michelle Rodriguez, Jamie and Adam (Myth Busters)Then T-Bone added Marcus Luttrell. Then ThisOneB added Ted Nugent. We broke up into groups. I added Tom Petty; because I wanted to raise the Coolness facter. Wicked Tesla then Blew our minds by adding The Vorpal Bunny to his Group. Then T-Bone added Jesus to his Group, who I argued is already a Lich; so can not be in Zombie Group (as Neutral) Which was thrown out by group. Jesus was allowed; so I added Cthulhu, Then T-Bone picked YODA; so I chose Godzilla; and took my group onto Boat; where they could just be cool, and have Godzilla and Cthulhu protect them from the Zombie Sharks. ThisOneB added there would be more threat from Zombie Whales…

      1. Apologies to people leaving comments for the “Awaiting Moderation” status. Due to excessive spam in the early days of this section I had to turn that feature on.
        Once you’ve been approved you can comment freely though. Thanks for your patience Wicked Kinky! And I agree with the answers. I’d shell out large dollars to see a Godzilla and Cthulu team up/buddy cop style Monster movie.

    1. Jesus, is not a Lich. He’s an…angel? Demi-God? Vampire? I don’t know. He’s no Zombie though. Plus, remember the fishes and loaves? If you have any food, he just keeps multiplying it and you never go hungry. Plus, you don’t have to pack a lot; take a few crumbs and he’ll turn it into a meal. You can’t lose with Jesus but, just in case you can…his dad is God. I mean, it’s almost too easy.

      Your boat idea is terrible. First, as ThisOne pointed out, Zombies Whales. Even normal whales would be a problem unless you have a ship. But, how would you eat? Fish? Nope. All Zombies. Then there’s just plain old storms. A boat might be nice to have but, you’d need to go ashore sooner or later…if you last that long.

      I am jealous of Tom Petty though. But then I picked Miss November. Got to have something to do when you’re not fighting Zombies…err, I mean, we’ll need to repopulate the world when the Zombies are eradicated.

      The whole thing got out of hand though when we went to the Vorpal Bunny. We’ll have to have this discussion again with certain ground rules. One of which being, only real, living people or animals I suppose. That dog that played Cujo would be a great asset to the group if he were still around.

      And since you took Adam and Jamie, I’m taking Kari Byron and Heather Joesph-Witham (folklorist from early episodes). Kari’s skills would be a great help to the team and Heather’s knowledge would be invaluable. And they’d be good for breeding. Well, Kari would. I’d have to check Heather’s age.

      Anyway, that’s my team.

      I’m also going to learn all the lyrics to Cat Scratch Fever just in case we run into ThisOne’s group and Nugent needs proof we’re human.

  2. 1. Charlie Day – He’s an unpredictable madman, and in tight situations he’d be dependable and not so squeamish as his profession involves rat killing, he wouldn’t be a leader but he’d follow us almost anywhere. WILDCARD

    2. Keith Richards – The only living things to survive a nuclear holocaust would be cockroaches and Keith Richards, his skin is like leather and would be almost inedible to zombies so he’d be a great addition to our team.

    3. Jason Bateman – I feel like beneath his charming witty exterior lies a fearless blood-thirsty maniac ready to bash heads in left and right. He also seems like a natural leader.

    4. Bear Grylls – His survival skills would be greatly appreciated in this scenario. He’s a well-built fellow and I think he’d be a great fighter as well. Plus I’d love to see him convince Charlie Day to drink his own piss, that would be funny.

    5. Leonardo Dicaprio – I believe he’d be willing to do absolutely anything necessary if we can convince him that he’s starring in a movie and we’re all being filmed. We all know how badly he wants his oscar.

  3. 1) Bruce Campbell. That man is a god. No more explanation needed.
    2) Chris Hemsworth, only in the Thor character. I need someone to repopulate with.
    3) Linda Hamilton. Survivor of Terminators. Duh.
    4) Christopher Walken for comic relief.
    5) Mad Max. He would destroy zombies…with extreme prejudice.

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