One Night Stand, No More – Tony “CultMetal” Painter

One night, stands no more


Tucked away on a side street, near the edge of town, “Maloonagans” was a surprisingly busy restaurant / bar. It boasted a great selection of local ales, friendly wait-staff and an atmosphere to make even the most hermit of crab feel at ease. At least that’s what the advertisements boasted.

In a quiet well lit corner sat Veronica, alone. She grew tired of looking at her watch. Her ‘Blind date’ was obviously not fashionably late, and was obviously not going to show. This had happened before, she wasn’t surprised that it had again. A close friend surprisingly enough had talked her into believing that this time.. it would ’pan out’. Veronica remembered her exact proposition.  ..“You have just got to meet Ian, He’s smart, interesting and single..”

Yea for me thought Veronica, just wait till he gets an eyeful of this.

Self loathing was something that, in the past, she had excelled at. In fact (chuckling to herself, she still had a sense of humor, albeit twisted) Veronica knew she could have probably represented her country in such an event. She could imagine just the scenario… and still undefeated, stepping up to the podium. A twisted and slow distorted anthem plays as if from a cassette left for too long in the heated interior of an abandoned car.

Veronica suffered from what many would call the ailment of being ‘Fat’. Not really a minority she could “pull a card on“. No one cared enough to support the cause, rally the troops or even sell wristbands in aid of. So here she sat, alone, smiling to herself over a light beer she had now cradled for over an hour. A rustle of over starched fabric and a cleared throat over her shoulder. “Maam. Would you like..” A subtle ‘I knew it’ look “..another?”

How rude, perhaps I’d like only one drink. Sit here all night and think upon the plight of the universe and a single girl questing for its meaning. Or even the plight of a young cock hungry wench who’s ‘gagging’ for it. She could no longer contain herself, alcoholic liquid shooting from her nasal cavities, a fit of stifled laughter destroying any semblance of normality she might still project. The waiter turned heel and left at a brisk pace, obviously disgusted. A quick check and Veronica discovered her dress had narrowly avoided the liquid blitzkrieg. A swipe all that was needed to repair any damage done. I’d love to see the reaction a spell of vomiting would bring about. She was prepared this time and lightning fast. No uncontrollable guffaws, no loud donkey sounding grunts of mirth and most impressive of all no sinus spillage. She raised her arm obnoxiously. “Sure. Another”.

Veronica knew that generally speaking meeting someone in a bar was a horrid idea, but she also understood it was a safe place for a first encounter. This location admittedly, more a restaurant than a bar. The emphasis on tables sporting real cloth covers rather than on cigarette machines and jukeboxes propped up by overenthusiastic inebriates.  She really did not go for “fancy”, opting instead for easy and relaxed. She often thought that she could best be described as ‘Down to earth’ . A phrase overused in her past dating profiles alongside ‘Cuddly’, ‘Homely’ and.. Yuck! What was she thinking. The past few years had seen her relax and adopt a more ’Laisez-Faire’ attitude, or as she pronounced proudly a ’I couldn’t give a fuck’ approach to life. Thinking upon it this approach had, and did, serve her well. She felt great. Reminiscing did not bode well. She had tried everything to attain a better body and self image. Yoga, jogging and strenuous exercise classes. Sweating was not her style, not to mention the uncontrollable and quite embarrassing jiggle. Some places were meant to jiggle, sure, but not everything. It kind of made it hard to concentrate at times. The ensuing depression had led her to several paths of self discovery. One; proving that alone time and C batteries were something you never ran out of. And two; that one should not dabble, alone, with forces that you did not fully fathom. Especially when one, had perhaps, consumed more than their fair share of intoxicating substances that very same evening. She had awoken groggy the very next morning. Naked, sore, surrounded by battery operated apparatus and covered in a jelly like fluid. This fact alone, to this very day, puzzling. (She dare not ask anyone about it, the whole situation was somewhat also embarrassing .) This kind of jelly one dare not spread on their morning edibles, no chunks of fruit discernable. So very weird.

Why then was she even here, seriously, her battery supply was not even close to depletion. Did she really even need a mate? Someone to constantly judge and ridicule her. One night stands were of no interest nor the personalities that so often accompanied them. Veronica had herself and a wicked sense of humor for company. She felt better than she had in longer than she cared to remember. Why then did this casual looking guy from across the room hold her attention so. If Veronica had a type he was very close to it. Tall, but not feeling-rain-first tall, dark of feature and relaxed. He appeared happy, smiling though not maniacally so (that most certainly would make Veronica pounce across the room with only diabolical penetration in mind) He was also alone. Pondering, rather daydreaming possible scenarios, Veronica was amazed to find herself beaming with delight as their eyes met, a spark of connection, not the ’oh my God! No-!’ rapid glance away. He casually stood and made his way toward her. His movements that of a confident man, not of a cocky youngster. A delicious specimen, his athletic build discernible in the cut and cloth of his well fitting shirt. It took every ounce of willpower for Veronica not to look behind her for another possible destination or person to whom this prime chunk of class ‘A’ meat might be traveling to. Be strong, use the force. A smirk touched her lips, she was nervous. So delicious.. I don’t think I’ll be needing ketchup, thanks. An audible giggle escapes as he approaches closer. He stops close enough that she can smell his alluring scent it drives spikes of excitement down her spine.

“May I accompany you? Or is there a lucky gentleman on the way who might dare to take away this pleasure.”

Oh my! Manners and penache an A plus for introduction. Veronica was not at all surprised to feel a little stirring in her nether regions. It had been a long time. Now to keep her cool and recently melted confidence in check. “Please” Wow! A complete sentence and not a blundered word either. Here’s hoping that didn’t come off as too stick-it-in-my-mouth-now desperate. Accepting the offered chair across from her he sat. Conversation flowed with ease. Drinks were ordered. She resisted the urge to give the waiter a wink as he served them with indifference, he would not be left with an impressive tip. Veronica happily realized that Gabriel, the strangers name, seemed confident and at ease. It wasn’t as if alcohol was a pre requisite for him to spending time with her. Veronica became more relaxed in the exciting strangers presence.

A variety of topics and interests were discussed with ease. Veronica telling of her current profession. A position she’d held for three long years. A cubicle, a phone, a keypad and an endless parade of incoming disembodied voices. All Screaming for help. Many were rude, unappreciative and most adding to the growing certainty that the human race, was, indeed doomed. She hated her job, but would not admit this to her new friend. Leaving negativity out of the conversation may, she wished, add to her appeal. Gabriel briefly mentioned his. It was a well practiced fabrication.

Gabriel was the result of a chance encounter involving an eastern European lady and his father, an Egyptian. Rounding off the threesome, copious amounts of alcohol and reckless abandon. Learning of her pregnancy upon arrival home his mother planned to travel back to Egypt. She did so with Gabriel, the chance encounter offspring, in tow. Hoping for a reunion, perhaps even a family, for it would be best for the currently fatherless child. Apparently Gabriel’s father had no such idea in mind. The ensuing argument and stone wall apathy literally tore her apart. Distraught and shattered she had fled and the child Gabriel was discarded, like yesterdays trash, left to fend for himself on the unforgiving streets. Almost immediately he was taken under the wing and tutelage of a local market stall owner and at a young age taught a trade. He excelled in short time learning the ways of barter, sleight of hand and trickery. It was here that he caught the attention of his current ‘employer’ and shown another more lucrative trade within a clandestine network that had existed and thrived, undetected, for thousands of years.

His ’Calling’ had taken him and his services across the globe. Places and faces becoming a blur. Today, Denver, Colorado. Not a scheduled stop, but one he could utilize. A body and a face that would fulfill and exceed his current quota, early too. Such a pity, really. This young lady was, much to Gabriel’s surprise, intriguing, fun even likable. He needed to discard these frivolous emotions and entangling feelings. He was here on business.

He sensed the wait staff’s attitude change and the tell tale signs of closing time became more obvious. Gabriel proposed a more intimate setting. Veronica amazed even herself by proclaiming it a great idea. Veronica rose from the table doing her best to stay steady on her feet, she had apparently drank a little more than she thought. She was a tad dizzy and deliriously giddy. Truth be told she felt like an excited schoolgirl on a fantasy date with a pin up heartthrob. She pinched herself and smiled. If only you could see me now. Upright, mobile and hoping to sin, deliciously. I mean WOW!…Have you seen this guys pants, damn-! Tight in all the right places.

Leaving a sizable tip, Gabriel’s idea not hers, they departed. Not putting up much of a fuss, she thought it best to not antagonize the waiter who had given her the shitty attitude earlier .  Gabriel stunned her by taking her hand, leading. His impressive and expensive car a short distance away. The journey was filled with giggles and a peppy jig Veronica could not imagine her feet stepping to before. Gabriel, like a true gentleman, opened the exotic cars passenger door, the hotel door and the suites bedroom door all in a whirlwind of unsurpassed excitement felt by Veronica. Her nerves were on tippy-toed edge literally aching for what she anticipated may follow. They both knew the routine, the bedrooms immaculately clean floor literally leapt across. The bed the only object in the room that had any real meaning or purpose.

Gabriel looked deeply into her eyes, strong arms guiding her. Clothes shed, wriggled out of and disregarded feverishly, as if they were on fire. The softness of the bed caressing Veronicas back as she was gently laid upon it. Smoldering with heat she could wait no longer, erogenous zones alight with yearning lust. Veronica’s hands fumbled with tailored cotton. With a zippered sound declaring freedom Gabriel’s pants descend over muscled legs and are forgotten. Impressively erect he lowers himself over her quivering sexually charged nakedness. His manicured hands sweep hair lovingly from her perspiring brow. Gathering brunette locks to the side of her head he pulls. Gently at first then progressively harder. Veronica is overwhelmed. It has been a long time since anyone had given this kind of attention to her. Chills are unleashed and run rampant, electricity invades her being, and sweet murmurs escape her throat as her breath quickens. Veronica’s neck is bared.  He Nuzzles the goose-bump  raised flesh and bites gently. His tongue and hungry mouth descend to encircle raised nipples and he plays teasingly with her large heavy breasts. Veronica pulls him to her, she can feel his throbbing arousal resting upon her thigh. They exchange kisses which are savage, swift and intense He whispers something, close to her ear,  in a foreign tongue.  It sends Veronica sailing over an erotic precipice, she can no longer withstand the feverish foreplay.  Grasping muscled buttocks, with both hands, she pulls him toward her. ”No more” She whispers.

She gasps when they become as one. The penetration exquisite, one that no battery powered device can ever hope to possibly rival. Veronica’s sizable legs swiftly encompass Gabriel capturing his well defined torso. Her moist sex the predator tempting the captured prey deeper into its lair. Experienced movements and gentle thrusting prompt her body on a journey filled with absolute bliss. The trip is brief. She groans loudly in delight. Oh my, that was a little obnoxious. Her body rockets to exalted heights of pleasure. Her rocking hips shudder with an exercise not known in years. She starts to shake, uncontrollably, orgasm swiftly claiming her innermost core.

The slickness of entry becomes deliciously audible with a rhythm steadily growing faster. ”Mmmm-… So good.. Fill me with your seed” That was naughty, bordering on explicit even for me. Gabriel cracks a smile, winks then explodes. His seed paints a picture of liquid sin on Veronica’s most treasured of  sweet spot. Exhausted, sweaty and spent she pants as Gabriel settles next to her on the rumpled sheets. She’s surprised to find him calm, collected, and not even breathing hard. He smiles as he caresses her long brunette hair as she scrambles for a blanket to cover herself. Only now is she fully conscious of her nakedness on full display. Still shrouded in warm afterglow of orgasm her eyelids start to flutter, finally closing and Veronica succumbs to slumber.

Gabriel disentangles himself from Veronicas fleshy arms only after he is certain she is unconscious. He would be lying to himself if he said he hadn’t enjoyed this evening. She was a wonderful girl with quite the sense of humor and ravenous sexual appetite. He was married to his job, truth be told. Working all of, at most, six hours a week it provided well. He now had everything he had ever dreamed of, even possessions that exceeded his wildest of fantasy. It was quite the leap from the market stall orphan he once was.

He needed to make haste, the drugs he had cleverly deposited into Veronica’s drinks had taken longer than expected to produce desired effects. The brief physical activity had only, he hoped, added to their overall potency. Opening one of the many rooms closets he chooses the appropriate attire, from one of a variety of his many work related cases. He dresses himself and prepares for the real physical labor of the evening.


Swiftly slumber claimed her and she began to dream. Afloat on a body of crystal water, in a small boat, laying across her dark featured Adonis lover. The water was calm and she was at peace. Few clouds in the sky, warm but not unbearably so. She turned and smiled, she was so happy. He smiled back while lovingly running his fingers through her hair.


Gabriel had finally broken his first sweat of the evening. The equipment is heavy. Not long to go now. The first phase, Capture and Containment, is complete. The second phase was something he has grown to become quite fond of. This time, though, had proven to be quite the rarity. He shifts Veronica‘s position, for the final time, on the sheet-less bed and pulls the thick straps tight over her hefty prone form. Mentally he prepares himself for the nefarious deeds that lay ahead.


The boat meanders on, destination of no importance to its occupants. The waves still steady, very little rocking of the modest vessel. Veronica shifts closer to her lover stealing kisses and moments of uninterrupted intimacy. Unnoticed the clouds overhead take on a darker hue. Gathering en masse.


A stirring. Dormant for a long time a presence awakens.                                                                                       

Something is amiss, imminent danger looms.


A smirk breaks his face as he brandishes the wicked looking device. The masks face shield lowered. Switched on the whir of powerful blades are like music to his ears. Unerring the precision saw is lowered, it rips into unsuspecting flesh making its swift progress toward bone.


He could feel the pain, the confines of his resting place churning         and crumbling.  WAKE UP! WAKE UP! He bellows, without    saying a word. Sending        shockwaves throughout the fleshy confines             he’d grown    accustomed to. There was no response to repeated         urgent warnings. He needed out. An escape route. He could and       would not allow the temple of         his closest friend’s body to be             violated and ultimately destroyed. 


The calm waters were swiftly turning angry. Veronica was feeling nauseous and dizzy. Gabriel was happily smiling. She reluctantly pried herself away from her lovers embrace. Watching as waves violently smashed themselves against both starboard and portside. Water now splashed inside of the boat. Panicking she looked to her lover for help. He was still smiling like an imbecile appearing totally unaffected. Their quant vessel rocked viciously. It was perilously close to capsizing.


Like riding a bike this was something, that when practiced, had become like a second nature to him. Happily losing himself in his current macabre duties Gabriel falls into a rhythm. Flesh disintegrates under the destructive tune of powerful titanium,  bone shards fly and Gabriel remembers his “First”.

She was a waif like street urchin. The stranger had told him that she would be missed by no one, no family to speak of, her life spent begging and stealing to survive another moment in her miserable and pointless existence. Gabriel was stunned to hear of one talk about life so frivolously, it was precious no matter how pathetic. He recalled the stranger exhaling a cloud of fragrant tobacco and flicking dead ashes from his expensive cigar. Rubbing cheek stubble with fingers covered in rings, embellished with ridiculous sized gems, the stranger smiles.

..”I’ve had my eyes on you for some time now. I have a strong feeling it will be no problem for you. Just think of it as ’Culling the herd’. In her death nothing, of her, will go to waste. In life she is but a hindrance to everything and everyone. She contributes nothing, trust me she will not be remembered for anything..”

It was an easy task. He had followed her stealthily and undetected. The streets provided little light. It was in the space between two abandoned and unlit buildings that he had attacked. She had not even known of his presence. Hands easily snapping her delicate neck with little effort. Her filthy rag covered lifeless body but a bag of weightless emancipated bones in his arms. Gabriel’s ‘Reaper’ virginity was broken. This was his new title. For he was now a bringer of death to those deemed unworthy of the joy of life. The stranger, now his employer, was impressed and had proceeded to tell Gabriel a little history behind the eons old trade.  He had been informed that powerful, wealthy and prominent figures around the globe waited months, sometimes years for their requests to be fulfilled. His employer informing him that he personally knew of a handful of  political figures who owned candles made from human fat, each costing more than the most luxurious of modern vehicle.

There certainly was money to be made from the trade of those deemed unworthy of life. Very little, if anything went to waste. Bones and cartilage were fashioned into objects d’art. Fluids and organs, usually ground up, were included in the most expensive of home remedies. The most horrendously expensive cosmetics was rumored to have ground intestinal contents as an unmentioned ingredient. Gabriel smirked, such an intriguing trade and the public at large had no clue. The Nazi related grisly discoveries reported following the holocaust had given some an inkling. The genocide and violation of a nations people a thing of the recent past. Forgotten now by most and deemed irrelevant by more. Reality television and media coverage of inane celebrity shenanigans swallowing up the limelight. Gabriel had no need of such nonsense. He enjoyed the lifestyle his career choice and life path now offered him. He wanted for nothing. The world was literally his oyster.

And although he still had to work, minimal hours, he found that he still enjoyed the strenuous duties involved. He was currently busy separating sizable lower extremities from the drugged and motionless body. Grunting he places the last leg gently on the plastic covered floor, next to its twin. Gabriel starts to cut these into more manageable, and easier to transport, chunks. The bone marrow, barely noticeable, is cloaked and shrouded by beyond generous amounts of  fatty tissue. The candle establishment would be indeed be busy in the following days. He looks up, distracted, hearing moist frantic slapping sounds behind him. On the bed.


He now realized the only way out that remained was much the           same way he’d entered, many moons ago. He had actually been   summoned,    and not wanting to return he had found the only way    to stay avoiding detection and persecution. The means and ways of         which were    rude, violating and intrusive but he was a demon (in    training) and that type of behavior was par for the course. He             shuddered to think of the travesties and chaos that would greet           him upon his return. ‘Hell’ not close enough of a      word to describe       the scenes he witnessed on a daily basis. The damned strung up,             like meat in a butchers shop window. They were viciously torn,           lacerated and violated with whatever devilish looking implement         found close at hand. Their screams of anguish the music in which             the tormentors feasted only adding to further acts of more       inventive atrocity. The concept of time had no meaning there          though he still preferred to cling to its humanness as if by doing so      he could still claim he belonged …somewhere. That sense of    belonging was no more powerful than it had been than in the past     few years (He guessed, again that concept!) his host warm        (obviously, he resided inside her) loving, care free, exciting and          calm in her     self and mental state. If an Imp had told him (Yes,         there were some that ran around furiously and seemingly without purpose in the “Fiery depths“) that adoration was an emotion he     could still have.  He would, most likely, upon hearing such trollop        poke the jokesters beady eyes out and take delight in the ensuing    hilarious scene in which the green tinted fellow would scramble             vainly for their retrieval. The need to escape grew urgent within         him, his host and ‘friend’ was at extreme risk. There was not a         moment to lose. Pushing. This would not be a pleasant experience       for either party. His essence and present amorphous form began to           flow like a raging river seeking an opening, an exit.


Veronica‘s torso trembles, as if in the throes of electrocution, the cauterized stumps splashing in puddles of rapidly congealing gore. Gabriel rises to his feet intrigued. In his many Reaper missions he has never seen anything such as this. Perhaps the drugs were wearing off? He had administered enough to down an elephant, he didn’t think that the case. Gabriel was very careful to ensure the products freshness there the reason for induced paralysis. 

The girl certainly wasn’t dead. Her breath still fogged the mirror he utilized for such purposes. The scene was enthralling, his attention captured. Veronica’s torso abruptly ceases all movements, becoming stiff. In horror he watches as a gelatinous liquid begins to lazily ooze, a substance not unlike melted ice cream, from every pore and visibly relaxed orifice.


Suddenly the sea is no more, her lover had vanished and she was engulfed in utter darkness. Nothingness. A brief moment of panic sears her system then she feels utter calm. Was this death?  She could not see any white lights and no singing white gowned trumpeting angels. Surrounded in black, the darkest of night, she was alone but felt strangely at peace. Like an unborn fetus she is comfortable wrapped in a womb of warmth and security.


He could not move the tableau unfolding before him so utterly fascinating. The pool of  heavy liquid steadily engulfing the plastic covered floor to one side of the bed. Gabriel was getting the growing feeling he was an un-credited extra on the set of a remake of ‘The Blob’. Unable to control his overriding curiosity he maneuvers in, around tools, and over blood splatters for a closer look. Shimmering in the seemingly coagulating slop, and movement. A disturbance as ripples radiate out from the center. Something pushes from below,  raising the surface, as if the growing puddle were a sheet covering a  trapdoor that had opened outward. Like a tsunami the thick viscous liquid like blanket pyramids, getting higher, an undecipherable mass forms. Gabriel twists and grabs the nearest thing resembling a weapon that is close at hand . As a Reaper he is trained in dealing with unexpected situations. Admittedly no one enjoyed having their life stolen. Gabriel had yet to suffer any lasting injuries though, he was quick and smart in his movements.  The scene that continually played out before him becoming more bizarre, the likes of which he’d never witnessed. Calmly he allows the grotesque drama to play out. A slow progression and the form begins to take shape. A bulbous misshapen head is first to emerge, foul thick fluid drips from its sluggishly revealed features. Thick dark leather cover the head and face and two wicked looking sharp protuberances adorn the hairless skull. The eyes are squinted shut and set deep in tanned pockmarked flesh. As the jelly like slop continues to slide like molasses lower down the ogre’s form Gabriel evaluates the situation. A wide nostril snout is revealed next. One side mostly absent, as if chewed off.  Scars crisscross the cheek also dissecting a side of the mouth which is pulled back in a vicious grimace. The oral cavity is crowded with fangs that would terrify even the most feral of predator. Gabriel makes his decision. He strikes, aiming for the neck. In its swiftly descending arc the steel surgical saw gleams in the rooms artificial light. The aim is true and it meets its mark, although the result is not what is hoped for.

Gabriel pulls, as he does so the grimace embellishing the creatures face shifts forming a devilish smirk, the serrated blade is stuck fast. The creatures eyes slam open. Transfixed by their intensity and the sudden movement he is caught off guard. Gabriel is hypnotized briefly as visions of his brutal and unforgivable past deeds assault his senses. Finally able to tear his attention away he is horrified to see his flesh invaded, as the swiftly encroaching viscous liquid continues to covers his body. Flowing over and through surgical whites it burns his skin. Try as hard as he might he cannot remove himself from the brandished steel stuck in his grasp still affixed steadfast to the monsters neck. Burrowing now, the amorphous liquid entity changes course having found purpose and destination. Struggling, panic firmly seizes control Gabriel shrieks. The oily substance creeps over his neck, slipping under the surgical mask and faceplate, and onto his face. He crumples to the floor as the surgical saw finally slips free from the gouge in the creatures neck. The last of the fluid intelligence now encompasses Gabriel’s frantic form. He bucks, grapples and vainly attempts to remove himself from the clutches of the amorphous parasite. Fingers digging for any purchase or hold , none can be found the viscous fluid sliding from any split second grasp. The ogres dissolves as Gabriel continues to struggle unabated. Like countless particles of sand the creatures template lazily loses substance and form spreading to the furthest reaches of the gore splattered floor. Any further screams from Gabriel are abruptly silenced as his every facial orifice is violated by the slithering intelligences advance. As his throat is filled to capacity the vocal chords are choked into submission, eyes bulge as the final breath is forced from his shocked system. Spastic motions cease and Gabriel loses consciousness for the last time. The intelligence yet advances onward, fearlessly into unknown territory. Swiftly it roams, and forcefully it vanquishes any and all of Gabriel’s defeated innermost essence.

The room, witness to unbelievable atrocity falls silent. The only movements comes from unhurried seepage from severed limbs, the coagulation of spilt blood and the lazy flight of dust particles.

The brief serenity is shattered as Gabriel’s head slumps to one side, as if too heavy for his neck. His ear canal erupts with a foul black agitated swarm of  concentrated bile and hatred. Vehemently it is spat into the air. It congregates, flittering menacingly upon the ceiling. For several moments it bounces back and forth, indecisive, as if searching. Abruptly its course takes definite direction. A downward trajectory toward the bed and the warm target. Veronica’s corpse jolts as the shadow cloud of evil crashes against it. Spreading and smothering rapidly cooling flesh. It molests




and unapologetically in its hurried quest for entry.


Time to wake up Veronica. A mental whisper and a gentle prod to     the waking conscious. He sensed intricate rhythms and synapses      start to fire, growing steadily stronger. Success.


 Stirring, heavy lidded eyes flicker open. The hazy film clears to be replaced with disarray, chaos and carnage. Stretching stiff limbs the body rises from its former slumped position, unaffected and unfazed by the grisly tableau before it. The contorting figure upon the bed appears to be in some degree of distress. Muffled moan and grunts are barely audible, over a mouth stuffed with a generous helping of satin panty.

“Do you think we should leave now, or stick around and try to explain this to the local authorities” Veronica liked the sound of her new voice. It was, however, nothing compared with the impressive physique of her new, and soon to explored, body.

Good idea. Do you remember where he put his keys?









Born and raised in South West England this pale Hobbit like creature became a deviant Gorehound (and metal head) in his teenage years. Movies like Evil Dead, Cannibal Holocaust, Return of the Living Dead and Bad Taste only adding to a steadily all encompassing diet of the gruesome and macabre. Devouring books by the truckload he now feels the need to express his demons. He scribbles sporadically in between working a demanding job and raising a household full of supercharged monkeys. :p Many of his shorter 140 (character) creations can be found on Twitter. A growing habit he hopes he’ll be able to kick when the time comes.  🙂

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