The Light Of Keeps Passage – Anthony Crowley

“Have you ever had a feeling you hear constant voices in your head and living the same

nightmare day after day and to feel like you’re in a trap and can’t get out of “.

This is what was going to happen to Frank Dracen. He resembled a teenager who looked a

few years younger than most sixteen year olds. He was also a very timid and shy boy and he

had a severe skin condition which every time he was in a nervous situation he would come

out in a freckled rash. His teeth were extremely crooked from eating too many sweets to calm

his nerves .


Frank always had troubled times of not knowing who to turn to for help and support. He

drifted mostly throughout his rebellious childhood years, wanting to achieve some kind of

good grades and become a major success. But his family never paid attention to his lonesome


At this present time Frank just didn’t want to care about anything and just wanted to

keep drifting away…


In his present life while studying at Woodbourne High School he wanted to become a

philosopher for some strange reason, Most of the other kids would never have dreamt or

visualised such a career like this, they wanted to become Lawyers or even Doctors. But Frank

Dracen didn’t see what was about to change his miserable life, forever….


Frank has always had a vivid imagination since he was a child. He still remembers visiting

his ancestor’s grave, seeing Ghosts appear. Until one day he wanted to find out more. Then

eventually when Frank graduated from School he wanted to pay a visit to his local Library where he spent most of his dazed School life. He was about to find something that will

change his life completely……


As Frank walked through the big steel doors of the Library he approached the Reception

desk “Excuse me can you help me please!” Frank said to the Librarian in a timid manner, but

the Librarian didn’t acknowledge him at first anyhow. Then in a burst of rage Frank began to

thump loudly on the Reception counter, “Hello I need some help here, I’m looking for the

Philosophy and Science section you have here” said Frank in a very destructive manner. “Oh

I am so sorry, can you repeat that” replied the nervous Librarian.


Frank was getting annoyed.

By now, he repeated himself to the Librarian while scratching his cracked fingernails on the

desk with utmost frustration “I need to know where the philosophy section is PLEASE!” he

was about to lose his patience now. “It’s on the sixth aisle on your left” the Librarian replied



When Frank got to the sixth aisle he began to shift through a vast amount of very old

Philosophical manuscripts including occult sciences. But there was one book that appeared

to stand out from the shelf, like no other. “Wow!! What an amazing book!” Frank thought to

himself “I’m sure I have seen this book somewhere else before “, Frank was a bit puzzled

but then realised he had dreamt of this when he was a child. He then immediately grabbed the

book from the dust covered shelf.


The book was of an illuminating colour, like a crimson red similar to blood and made from

tough worn leather, which was tightly wrapped with a silk gold ribbon.  There was a faint

word on the centre of the cover, which spelt ‘I AM THE PROPHET’, “I must have this, I must!” stated Frank. The book suddenly began to communicate, in mysterious and spiritual

ways that frank didn’t fully understand.


As Frank Dracen began to walk softly to his miserable life at Elm Place He noticed an

occurring, shining light that he remembered from his dreams.   The light was communicating

with him in a strange transcending way. But being Frank he thought nothing of its importance

so he just strolled on back up his garden path to his empty shell of a life.

When Frank went upstairs he felt like, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, like he

was in an isolated world. Frank was now trembling with fear while twitching and

turning his head around, like he was in the clouds, “What the hell is that shining light over?

There!” Frank stated in a baffling and curious way.


By now he was like a hungry wolf searching for its favourite dinner of a dead carcass. He

began to walk around in frequent circles, thinking and tormenting him about this prism of

light this was trying to guide him.



But in the distance, Frank could hear his parents talking in a violent manner about how he’s

very different to them


“Why is that boy so very strange, I don’t know why I gave birth to

that thing!” questioned Franks mother Grace with an alarming tone. But they didn’t know

Frank heard every last single word. “That is it!! I have had enough! “.

He then walked quietly up the creaky steps heading to his bedroom and he began to read

pages of this book he got from his School Library. He then suddenly felt all of his insecurities

slowly drifting away like the wind. But while reading this ancient-looking book, Frank

never realised it had much more to offer than protection and securities. He carried on reading this crimson red book and in a split second his whole body began to shake, due to

what he had just witnessed within the pages.

‘Frank this is your special moment, Come join me! Come! I have been waiting for your


Frank Dracen started to rub his eyes with such a confusion of not believing what he had just

witnessed “What the f___!”  Frank said to himself in a denial state of shock. Then within a

split second the message quickly disappeared into thin air. He decided to go to the bathroom

and freshen himself up while still trembling, the temperature began to drop drastically and in

a flash of time the room started to freeze over.


Within a matter of seconds, strong, gale force winds began to quake in the entire building, by

now Frank began to appear in a hideous rash on his face, which didn’t help his confidence

whatsoever the scenario lasted for about three minutes, destroying everything in its path,

apart from that little ancient red book.

‘Aaargh! , why has this shit happened to me, WHY!!’ said Frank, when he just realised that

all his belongings were suddenly destroyed.


Moments later, Frank noticed these lights beginning to appear again, this time he could hear

wind chime-like sounds, which seem to be coming from, Keeps Passage.

several hours passed by, Frank just rolled out of bed in a state of shock after cleaning

majority  of  the  mess  from what  had  happened  the  previous  night.

It was about, 06:30 and he never let go this red book, all through the night.

He quickly got himself dressed and went for a stroll down to Keeps Passage. The mist was

still rising in the polluted air, while he trotted down the cobbled streets, with just an echo

from his footsteps. It was like a ghost town from a Victorian novel. When Frank reached the alleyway of Keeps Passage, the only sound he could now hear was the echo of his footsteps,

getting louder, and, louder. Then in an instant, the sounds from his banging feet just

disappeared. And an increasing eerie scream like a banshee began to mentally alert him, the

noise began to get higher pitched as he got closer and closer.

As Frank immediately approached where the noise and strange signs was coming from, a

sudden outburst of silence appeared. He began to move around in an irritable state, looking

Left and right, to see if there was anyone about. But, Keeps Passage was derelict and deserted.

As if, the whole town just vanished in its day the whole street was thriving will all kinds of business and Market Traders.

All that Was here now was the prism of light communicating to Frank. He carried on drifting through The smog and noticed there wasn’t just a light here anymore, but a strange-looking building that was so illuminating and vibrant; the structure resembled a French-masonry style of design.

He began to explore these mysterious surroundings and Frank Dracen realised he was

Staring at a Shop, but he never recalled on seeing such a building hiding away in Keeps

Passage before.

There was a peculiar presence about this Store; the old timber door was rotten with cracking

wood and he also noticed a huge sign above this frosted, glass window, so nervous Frank

began to read it out loud.

‘Hmm, Craven Kings Mystical Gems, I must see if there is anyone here’, Frank humbled to

himself in an agitated manner.

As Frank turned the old brass knob, his heart began to pound with a thunderous beat; his

whole body went cold at an accelerated rate.


As the door screeched within a split second of madness, a huge  force  pushed through  his  entire body to the entrance of the  door, throwing him straight into this mysterious place. ‘Oh my, where am I?’ said Frank in such an exhausting and confusing way. He felt his body was counting down the minutes, like a time-bomb that was about to explode. Then with a quick bang, the door slammed where Frank was standing, and suddenly more disturbing sounds began to appear, as Frank was beginning to feel a little out of place. He was now living in an illusion.

The Gem Store he was standing in, began to light up and glows like sparkling treasure. Frank

by now was reminiscing of his Grandmother, who read him swashbuckling stories of Pirates

when he was a little boy.

Then, what appeared in front of him was a very mysterious old man, who stood behind this

Ggass counter, where there was a collection of fascinating jewels, diamonds and goblets that

go many years back.


This mysterious man was fragile looking who seemed to be a, 100 years old of how he looked

and he had such a dry cough, like that of a heavy smoker. ‘Who goes there’ said the frail old

man. ‘Hi there Sir, my name is Frank Dracen’, said Frank cautiously. ‘I know who you are,

silly boy ’, the frail man began to cough more frequently at this stage.

‘Is that your name above the window, Sir? Frank said to the old man. ‘Yes, that is me, I am

Thee Craven King’. Frank was certain he has seen him before, he then began to remember

some of the visions he had at night and in his dreams, and those bright lights.

He knew from this moment, he was living in a dream where he didn’t know whether he felt

secure or not. Frank was hypnotised by how Craven King appeared to look. He resembled a

very short, Oriental looking man, standing with his arms towards the marble floor, like he

was about to March in a military parade. ‘I have something to give you Frank, something you have been waiting for’ said Mr King, while it took him several minutes to find this specific item.


The weather started to change at a dramatic rate, the sun faded over while frost began to

over the clouds like a cold blanket of silence.

‘What is that you got there, Mr King?’

Frank Said in an inquisitive  manner.


Craven pulled out this velvet bag, which looked like Voodoo

mojo bag, where a Witchdoctor might keep their Voodoo Doll and pins to cause harm.

The weather was still changing at an alarming rate, just like hell was freezing over, or was

Hell beginning to arrive. ‘I want you to have this frank; it’s been waiting for you, for a long

time, your Grandmother had a similar one’ Frank began to feel unstable, like he was being

watched since he was a child. ‘, I want you to have this neck charm, they say it was once

owned by an Egyptian God, but not just any god, he was known as Anubis, the God of the

Underworld and he lived and breathed fear, wanting to take over the entire empire of the

Egyptian Dynasty’, explained Craven King. He began explaining more to Frank, to make

him understand his own destiny.

‘They also say those who wear this magical charm will be protected for life, and beyond.

Frank was very curious at this stage, so he asked Mr King for a look at this fascinating neck

charm. When Frank held the treasured item in his hand, he started to feel its energy and its

Powers, which was within this Egyptian treasure.


Then the necklace began to glow with a vortex of streaming supernatural light. Frank wanted

this Ancient item more than ever before, just realising why he has been given such a gift. He

felt a moment of fulfilment, but not knowing what was going to happen. He then placed the

item around his thin white neck, and beginning to feel so nauseated and unconscious, within a

whirlwind of entrapment. Frank Dracen asked, Mr King why he has been to chosen for this gift.

‘I forgot to tell you’ Said Mr Craven King. ‘Tell me what’ replied Frank. , ‘Twenty years ago, your grandmother was on an expedition, searching for the Temple of Thoth in Cairo. And she came across an item with terrible consequences and secret powers from a past dimension of life. Frank then pieced together the dreams and visions he has had all of his life, was messages from another world, a world where is Grandmother has been for several years.

By now Frank began to understand, that this is not a gift, but a curse. A curse which is

Grandmother is now part of. Frank was in shock, immensely and he started to ask, Mr

Craven King some questions relating to the expedition. ‘So, this adventurous expedition my

Grandmother belonged to, and why was she over in Egypt? Said, Frank, directly to Mr King.

Craven King began to explain some more to Frank. ‘Your Grandmother was an expert in the

study of the tarot cards and she always insisted on getting the right answers at all times’

stated Mr King.


The hours of the day was closing in, and the mist and chilled sounds of the cats rattling away

near the trashcans searching for their prize of mouldy food. And frank went home to find

some more answers, and he came across an old book in the attic and then realised it belonged

to his Grandmother. He knew from this moment that he could change these strange episodes

of mysticism with the right kind of help, and he found it written in the text in a diagram of

Hieroglyphic symbols.


Later that night, he was too tired to study more of this text he began to drift off into a

peaceful  place, a place  where  nobody  could harm him. Then  within a matter of minutes  he started to experience a  rather  unusual  sleeping  pattern. He was beginning to receive

communications from another world, just like the same location where his Grandmother is at.

The following morning, Frank began to study the text and diagrams and act out the exact

postures and rituals of the Egyptian Gods, especially the god of the underworld, Anubis.

Frank Dracen noticed something slightly odd about Mr Craven King. On his right arm

There was a scar-like tribal marking; the eye of Horus, golden scarab and the sun of

Isis. He noticed these secret markings within this book and it translated.

‘One world with one empire and one light thy light of one king’

Frank soon realised that Mr King was no shop keeper, but he was reborn from a relic or

Artefact, so he could control the entire world with his magic and sorcery. Soon after, reading

this book Frank went to his local new age shop to purchase some quartz crystals and a

protective medallion against these strong evil beings.

Moments later, he noticed on the receipt he had from the new age shop that the date seemed

familiar to a specific date within this book, he then realised that this shopkeeper imposter was

Anubis, and he was set free from a Egyptian relic to be powerful and to bring evil with his

mind, so he could begin a new world order of fear and death within his path.

A few hours had passed by, and Frank began to walk down the cobbled street again near

where those hypnotising lights was coming from, and he had an idea he could try to stop this

Supernatural  figure from  a global disaster. Frank  soon  began  to recall with everything he had learned from all this studying of history and mysticism, he had to enter his world and the only

Way he could do this was to meditate so he could lose his conscious state of mind, was to

enter the unconscious state of mystical realities by performing ancient yoga.

Frank quickly headed down the alleyway, located at the side of this Craven Kings mystical

Gem store, which was now obviously an illusion to gain his soul and bring evil onto this

Earth. By now Frank was now more nervous than ever, he sprinted towards a basement

entrance near the shop and sat on the cold cracked path, and he lit some strong incense sticks

to relax the spiritual presence of what might be, and then a few moments passed.

Frank learned how to control his breathing, emptying all his thoughts and nervous emotions,

so he could focus long and hard. His heart was pounding and echoing, and every sound was

clear just like he entered another world, which strangely was now about to happen.

His whole body was aching and beginning drift off slowly and he was experiencing strange

visions of myths and legends, he knew he cannot focus on this or the yoga practice will have

No results. He was now controlling his breathing, sending his body numb and sweating in a

feverish way. He was now like a space astronaut, which is what Frank realised, was

happening, but he was entering the spiritual astral plane, and he was seeing images of human

souls who have died. They called out. ‘Help me, help me’.

Within several moments, Frank couldn’t get back to his conscious self, he carried on

meditating and focusing and then a shadow of a huge figure, drifting like a whirlwind mist of

Bback smoke around him, sending Frank’s mind into severe dizziness just like he was falling

down a cold, spiralling well with no return. His heart began to beat faster and faster and he

couldn’t do anything to save himself, he only had slight sensations in his right hand and still

falling deeper and deeper into an unconscious coma. He began to hear and see different

nightmares of his own and that of other people and some are very horrific and traumatising. He knew that the only way out of this was end his life himself, he had to do this quickly, his

Life was being driven to the abyss of the underworld with no escape and thoughts of his own.

Frank tried to grab a penknife from the inner pocket of his trouser leg, shaking and moving

was now an irritation. He still was heavily sweating and panting like a wolf under the winter


The visions coming on faster and  more terrifying, he was now having a form of

relapse. He grabbed the knife and instantly pointed it like a dart to his neck, near the neck

charm. Within a split second of madness everything disappeared within a motionless flash.

Soon afterwards, Frank was still alive at least that’s what he thought. It was just like a bad

dream that haunted him.

Frank opened his dreary bloodshot, cadaver eyes and the strangest thing was he was in

another dimension and trapped from the existence of human life. He started to look around

him and all he could see was mists of sand, swirling in circles and in the distance he heard a

voice call out to him, just echoing out his name. He looked up to the sky and it was blood-red

with formations of clouds which looked like fire burning.


Everywhere around him was, desert and the sound of the winds swirling through the sand and

fire crackling in the sky. Frank noticed his Grandmother in the distance calling him, and she

looked so happy and peaceful while she waved to him, she began walking quicker in the sand

dunes, and as she walked quicker, she was gradually sinking deeper and deeper in the sand.

Then in an instant she vanished completely. Frank was now beginning to wonder of what was

happening and he knew he started to walk around circles and no answer with only the sound

of his voice and his hunger.

He was lost and knew there was no way out or to ever go back, that was Franks wish. Frank ended his life on earth, while wearing the mystical neck charm, spilling the blood from his soul onto it. He is lost forever, lost in another dimension. A world on the spiritual astral

Plane, living every nightmare imaginable, day after day and slowly decomposing and fading

away with the sound of his voice getting weaker by the hour.

This was Frank Dracen’s dream. To have a change of life, and that’s what exactly happened.

To be continued…………


Anthony Crowley,is a fiction Author of Horror and Supernatural literature,and a non-fiction Author of Esoteric Studies and Philosophy.He also writes poetry,magazine articles,and website blogs.Song lyrics and a little music composing. ‘The Mirrored Room’ all new novel out soon!!! and a new forthcoming website due sometime this year

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