Sleepy Hollow:John Doe

Sleepy Hollow – John Doe: review by Cat Scully

We open on a boy chasing a curly haired girl through the woods, only to be attacked by Samurai-clad horsemen. As the boy is wearing two hundred year old attire, we don’t expect the car that cuts off his fleeing the Samurai. An immediate cut shows Abbie and Icabod taking over Corbin’s old cabin and unpacking: they get a call for a found child, the same one fleeing the Samurai, but only speaking Middle English and covered with black veins, making it obvious he is infected by the horseman of pestilence.

With the CDC on their way, thankfully, Icabod’s utterance that the quarantine is the stuff of nightmares is one of the unintended, funniest moments in the whole season. The little boy, Thomas, was forbidden from leaving his home in Roanoke;  the island in North Carolina and “the lost colony” of the new Americas.  During their research, the CDC found the EMT was also infected, leading everyone, with no surprise, to believe Thomas is carrying a plague.

Abbie and Icabod head to Witch’s Spring Trail where they first found Thomas. The flirting between Icabod and Abbie is getting less subtle and more bemused in the open, which is a welcomed relief as the sense that these two will end up together at some point grows. An extra set of footprints leads to a small island and a secret passageway through water where they are transported back in time to Thomas’s era, Roanoke, and its many infected citizens.

Back at the hospital, the CDC are ,naturally, unable to find anything like this plague as more and more people succumb. They are all relying on Icabod and Abbie in the village, where they learn the Horseman of Pestilence guards the plague he has unleashed on them, still trying to spread it on the world. So long as the citizens remain on the island, in a sacred space away from the Horsemen, they are safe. If anyone leaves, like Thomas, the spreading plague in Sleepy Hollow will finally align the Horseman of Pestilence with the Headless Horsemen. Icabod shambles back to the hospital, but he is infected by Thomas and immediately quarantined and given a shot to be put to sleep, where he sees Katrina who tells him the only way he could be with her is if he was dead. Katrina is trapped with other souls in Purgatory, where Moloch keeps them captive until he decides what to do with them.

Abbie finds herself in a hospital church, praying for the first time in years, asking the divine for a sign. On her way out, she sees the holy water and realizes the spring water heals the community in Roanoke. As Abbie explains all to her boss Frank Irving, he immediately believes her, making his motives and his knowledge all the more problematic as to his hand in all of this. But Abbie never stops to question, and instead leads Icabod and Thomas back to Roanoke with the Horsemen gaining on them. Abbie is right that the water provided the cure, so, she  has  saved Icabod and Thomas. After transporting Thomas and the town of ghosts back, Icabod and Abbie are left  alone. In almost losing Icabod, Abbie tells him how much he means to her by saying he belongs in Sleepy Hollow. He smiles almost knowing, and we must wait another week to see where their relationship leads.