Sleepy Hollow S2E4 review: “Go Where I Send Thee”


Ichabod drives

I Will Follow You

Follow me, if you will, down the winding road of the plot of episode four…

We start out with Ichabod taking the piss out of Abbie during a driving lesson that becomes a TV car commercial road test. Love it.

Then, while searching in the woods for a missing girl, Ichabod picks up a bone flute (yes, and we knew what was coming next). It sounds like a Carnegie Hall performance when he purses and blows, literally entrancing Abbie. And yet again our Ichabod takes the mundane to a heightened level.

Bone pipe

Blonde treasure hunter hunk, Nick Hawley , from this season’s second episode, is back. (No surprise there.) He joins Abbie and Ichabod in trying to find an Evil Piper.

Meanwhile, our fearless Captain Frank Irving gets a little Bible bonfire going with a not so happy End of Days vision of swords, fire, mayhem.

The Mod Squad (Ichabod, Hawley, Abbie) enters a cave home to find the little girl, and encounter a very cagey, zippy and demony Evil Pied Piper who practices parkour and can create some seriously annoying tones. Somehow, Hawley is well equipped with timed explosives.


Mod Squad

Sidebar: Don’t Abbie and Ichabod wonder why mercenary Hawley is seeking the particular artifacts that he hunts, and that he pops up wherever they are? Don’t they wonder who hires him?

They go after the Evil Piper to end the curse that’s killing a family. And end up facing off against a distraught mom who thinks sacrifice of her own child is maybe a good idea to end the curse. If I was that kid, after Mom dropped the gun and said “I’m sorry” and wanted a hug…after she had tried to make sure I was taken by the Evil Piper that I had JUST escaped from, to save my siblings who are just bunch of kids who I’m not even blood related to? Oh hell no.

Ichabod needs a little helping hand after lopping off the Evil Piper’s. Abbie to the rescue and channeling a wee bit of Michonne.

Henry Parrish makes a visit to Capt. Franklin, who, with a straight face says, “You are the biblical Horseman of War. You didn’t think that was relevant?”

Hawley hands over his work-for-hire acquired broken treasure to some guy.

Final moment:  Didn’t I TELL you we need to ask who people work for???

My Favorite Moments:

When Ichabod intones Abbie’s full name “Now hear me Grace Abigail Mills…” and her face is like, hot damn, did you just seriously say my full name?

The Evil Piper’s coat, speedy rotar blades and blonde samurai ‘do.

My Pet Peeve:

Signing over your soul by signing in blood should really be an act of volition, not a trick!

Next week, we creep closer to the 31st, when the veil thins between this world and the next, and we’ll see what SH Halloween week has in store for us!





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  1. Most ridiculous moment: Cpt. Franklin (Orlando Jones) going all Rambo, complete with headband, in his apocalyptic vision. No, Orlando; just no.

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