Interview with Megan Lynn, Star of Deadly Presence

How long have you worked in the film industry? What was your first experience making a movie like?

I have been wanting to make movies for as long as I can remember.  Whether or not I’d be any good at it never really mattered, I just always knew it was something I would do.  Deadly Presence was my first real experience with any aspect of filmmaking and acting is a scary thing, especially when you have NO idea what you’re doing.  After every scene, I always felt like it could have been better but I think that’s something any actor struggles with.  Don’t get me wrong though, acting is also incredibly liberating and when you finally get into a groove, it’s a blast!  Deadly Presence was a huge learning experience for me, since I was also in charge of several other aspects of the film including post production.  The crew consisted of me and the Director and it was up to us to see it through til the end, and we did!


You and Shane were Jacks of all trades on this film. How exhausting was it to also be Producing, Sound Editing and supervising the soundtrack? 

We pretty much just had to give up on sleep all together haha.  The soundtrack was probably my favorite part of post production because Music Supervision is something I’ve always been interested in.  We also had a great composer – shout out to H. Anton Riehl for his original work on the film!  Sound was definitely the biggest challenge for us, since majority of the film was shot in our apartment, there was a ton of noise we had no control over such as, people outside, helicopters, air conditioners, traffic, marching bands (okay I exaggerated on the marching band part but it might as well have been) etc.  So with all the noise interruptions, A LOT of sound and audio had to be added in post.  This consisted of Shane and I staying up until 4am and reenacting certain scenes while watching the actual scene from the film on Shane’s monitor.



Can you tell us a little bit about the character you played?

Andie was an interesting character to play, especially since I don’t think we’re very much alike.  She’s very composed and reserved whereas I would have been like “Okay, this shit is crazy, I’m getting the F#$% out of here!”  But I hope she’s a character that the audience will root for.



I asked Shane about how Character names were selected and he mentioned that Andie

was your choice. Why did the idea of a male name for a female character intrigue you?

Honestly, I’ve just always loved the idea of guy names for girls.  Shane and I wanted a name that would stand out without it being too weird, and the name “Andie” was strong and subtle.



You worked on the script as well, did this make you less likely to ad-lib your lines?

Working on the script did allow me the advantage of knowing the scene and my lines really well but when you’re acting and you fall a bit more into character, emotions can sometimes switch up your words a bit.



I’ve always wondered what exactly a Producer does, can you explain this process for us?

The main job of a Producer is to prep and oversee the making of a film.  Shane and I did everything from location scouting to funding and everything in between.



There are a few scenes where you’re on a computer, were you actually typing anything?

Not really.  There were a couple of times where I typed something funny for Shane to read!



Aside from playing the main role, what aspect of making Deadly Presence did you

enjoy the most?

I definitely had the most fun when I got to interact with the other actors since majority of the film was just me acting alone.  Working with Shane was also a really great experience, and he was completely open to letting me sort of just run with my character.  I really learned a lot working with him!



Do you have any funny stories from the shoot?

There were a ton of funny moments from shooting, especially shooting the opening garage scene because it was the only time all of us girls got to to be together for filming.  We could not stop laughing!  Anything and everything made us laugh and I would say it was probably my favorite scene to shoot.  Sabrina (Julie) and Kathy (Candace) are a blast to work with!  Poor Shane and Robert (Danny) had to put up with us for hours!  There are a couple outtakes from that scene on the behind the scenes footage of the movie 😉



Are there any frustrating stories from the shoot?

NOISE.  Constantly having to stop mid scene to wait for traffic or people talking outside was exhausting.  We knew how quickly we could have wrapped a scene but it would get dragged out due to interruptions from outside noise.  You never realize how much noise there really is in LA, until you’re counting on it for perfect silence.


Thank you for your time.

Thanks so much for having me!

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