Dreams can come true….unfortunately!

Film Review

Before I wake (2016)

Kate Bosworth stars as grieving Mum Jessie, alongside husband Mark. Following the tragic and untimely death of their young son, the couple decide to foster a troubled, but cute little boy called Cody.

Enter Cody…possibly the cutest little thing since puss in boots made those eyes at Shrek!! Cody is sweet, polite and has…a gift! One that opens up experiences that the couple cannot quite believe, and emotions run high.

Codys dreams seemingly become real, the good ones…and the not so good ones. You may be thinking this sounds like the start of a Disney film, but there is an emphasis on the not so good dreams and we soon realise that Cody will do anything to prevent himself from falling asleep.

This film is genuinely chilling, I hadn’t heard of it before and gave it a go, and have to say I enjoyed every bit. It’s thought provoking, full of suspense and has a great twist to an emotional conclusion.

Paranormal suspense is the running theme, if you like a good ‘ghost’ film and are happy with watching a sugar sweet family going through supernatural torment, then this is a great pick for you.



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