Dark Musing: The Box

The Box
As I find myself with time on my hands
I begin to ponder anew,
What it is about me
that so excites you.
Could it be my figure,
slender yet full of curves,
My hair
luxurious, dark
thick with tresses long.
My smile
flirtatious and playful
and special just for you.
Our time alone,
secrets shared
as love between us grew.
You soon discovered a part of me
That no one would ever guess or knew.
I’m still sorry about your firstborn
In a momentary lapse of self control,
the beast it stole
command of my body,
and swallowed my psyche whole.
This darkness blanketed over me
devoured in an instant,
my mind and eternally damned soul.
For you see it gets excited
Bursting it’s way through me,
If it senses nearby drop of spilled claret
That which fulfills it’s blackened needs.
With a swift blow to the head
then into this box my new form was thrown,
wrapped in shackles, silver and chain
amid growling, bestial shrieks and moans.
In restraints and tightly bound
my transforming form still seethes in unrest
Buried deep in hallowed ground.
As my body changed
I cried out in despair,
Hoping for retrieval of
a love that once was there,
pleading I ask for forgiveness
to anyone that’s there,
promising never to commit
the same atrocious act again.
Let me out of this box
…please my love.
For I hear the maggots seductively call
…my name.