My Favorite Women in Horror

I am going to join in on the fun and list my favorite women in Horror.

The order of this list in no way indicates who my favorites are as each of these actresses are awesome in their own way.




Danielle Harris:

Danielle Harris

My first introduction to Danielle Harris came as a child when I watched Halloween IV for the first time. I was around the same age as her character in the movie when I first watched it so I developed a slight little boy crush on her. I didn’t see her in a movie again until I watched Rob Zombie’s Halloween years later. In the span of a few months it seemed as though she was in every Horror movie I watched. Stake Land, Hatchet 2, Blood Night and The Black Waters Of Echo Pond.

The characters that she plays are always diverse and they never seem to fall in to the

clichés that most female horror characters suffer from.

Her portrayal of Mary Beth in the Hatchet series is a perfect example of a multi layered

character who is so much more than just beauty.


Jodelle Ferland:Jodelle Ferland - Silent-Hill -

I first saw Jodelle Ferland in Kingdom Hospital. I remember talking to my friends and having all of us agree that this creepy kid had a real future in horror. A few years later she starred in Silent Hill which, in my opinion, is the best film adaptation of a video game.

I would next see Jodelle in The Messengers where she played the ghost of Michael Rollins. It was weird seeing her play a boy but it was one of the few things to actually enjoy about that movie. She started out playing the creepy child but her performances have become more diverse as she’s gotten older. One of her stand out performances was as a demon in Case 39. Jodelle Ferland is still young, but she is absolutely one of the future greats in the Horror Genre.


Jennifer Connellyjennifer connelly

I’m including her here on a technicality. She’s really only been in Phenomena and Dark Water but Jennifer Connelly is my favorite actress. Jenifer Connelly brings a wide range of depth to any character she plays. I immensely enjoyed her in the Dark Water remake and I still maintain that if the film was marketed properly, it would have done much better. It is one of the most underrated Horror films of the last 15 years for me.

Jennifer Connelly isn’t just one of my favorite women in Horror, she’s one of my favorite women in Hollywood. She’s an incredibly talented actress who never seems to give an off performance.





Dee Wallace: dee wallace

I don’t see Dee Wallace listed on a lot of these lists and that is an absolute shame to me.

Name a great Horror great classic Horror Movie and chances are Dee was in it.

Cujo, The Howling, Critters, The Hills Have Eyes(original), The Frighteners.

She’s been very active in Horror in the last few years as well, co-starring in  Exit Humanity(which has become my favorite Zombie Movie), Halloween, The House Of The Devil and The Lords Of Salem.

Like everyone on this list her roles are always diverse and very enjoyable to watch.



Jamie Lee Curtis:The American Foundation For Equal Rights & Broadway Impact Present "8"

If I have to explain why Jamie Lee Curtis is on this list then you’re doing something wrong. I never pull out the “You haven’t seen this movie???” card but if you love Horror and don’t know who Jamie Lee Curtis is then you need to clear out a weekend and watch her films from the late 70’s and 80’s. The term “Scream Queen” gets tossed around a lot but there is absolutely no denying that the original and greatest Scream Queen is Jamie Lee Curtis


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