My Entry In To The World Of Horror – Tabitha M

What got me into horror was, well when I was younger. Must have only been 7 years old and  my mum let me stay up late to watch arachnophobia and child’s play. I remember sitting there not fazed by all the stabbing, spiders or even the doll. I even had a doll which looked like Chucky (obviously without the damage). I grew up reading point horror and goosebumps books too. I used to love telling my mum and boasting how many goosebumps books I have read.

I have also known when I was little that I have not been like the other little girls who used to play with ponys, or were scared of bugs and getting their dresses dirty. But I loved collecting bugs, naming them. OK well I am not sure whether this has to do with horror.
I am now 26 I have 200-300 horror films. I use horror in everyday life. I even have pet cockroaches (and other exotics). I am currently writing my version of a “zombie apocalypse” in a diary sort of book. It was only a year a go that I decided to set up my twitter account dedicated to horror. I never realized I would have so much of a great horror social life.  Even with a couple of pro actors. Which made my day.
For the future I would love to meet actors in real life, maybe experience paranormal activity and publish.



Tabitha is a friend of the website. She has a twitter which we recommend you follow!

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