Brace yourself…for the No Sleep Podcast!

The No Sleep Podcast….

No Sleep Podcast


You know when you hear a tale that haunts you, sends literal shivers down your spine and causes a sleepless night…? Well that’s how I felt when I first listened to this podcast…coupled with sheer envy that almost every tale is so well written, and delivered with such passion to scare, if only I could have thought of it first!

It took me a few listens to get used to the showrunner David Cummings unique delivery, but I soon fell in awe of the voice that delivered such tales of gruesome horror, thrills and scares down my ears every day (yep…kind of a binge listener)

Let me rewind slightly…so I personally discovered podcasts only a few years ago, I listened to a few linked to radio shows, comedians and eventually stumbled upon my genre of choice….pure, unbridled HORROR! No Sleep was a fairly recent discovery for me, and once I started to listen I couldn’t believe my luck. Its exactly what a horror fan needs, instead of relying on fact based, group chats about scary stuff, this was well written fiction to terrify and stir up your imagination.

No sleep was born from a original thread, over time it was decided to venture into the world of audio, and use some of the tales on the newly developing podcast! A few seasons in and the team introduced a ‘season pass’ which at season 10 is only $19.99 and gets you an amazing 25 full episodes plus bonus episodes. The free listeners still get amazing stories and lengthy episodes plus the occasional special, or bonus episode.

With a whole host of amazing voice actors such as Corinne Sanders, David Ault, Jesse Cornett and Jessica Mcevoy, to name a few, this podcast has expanded from season one with a velocity that a TV series could only dream of. Personally, I am only just at the end of season 9 and I have too many ‘favourites’ that I couldn’t possibly choose. From subjects that shock, murder, monsters and haunted homes to sci-fi based stories, tales of the unusual, buried secrets and other worlds I can assure you that if you give this podcast a listen you may have to ‘brace yourself’ for some seriously sleepless nights!


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