_vtr0n presents GHOST IN THE MACHINE


  _vtr0n presents GHOST IN THE MACHINE




House of the Dead:Overkill was a game that fans and gamers in general shunned since it was released for the Wii. The fact that it was released for the Wii pretty much means that hardcore game snobs wrote vitriol and ignored. It also had the misfortune of being an M rated game on a system that was mainly marketed to families. It’s kind of sad in a way, SEGA finally made a House Of The Dead game that has more story and dialogue from the normal arcade House of the Dead entries.


It was re-released for the PS3 to support Sony’s Move, with additional content. Again blasted by the 7EET. So in the end, this game didn’t get out to a lot of people. SEGA is known to take a chance on weird ideas. Typing of the Dead was a typing game that killed the zombies when you typed the right word. I ate it up but typing is in my line of work. It’s a pretty good idea for people who can’t type. If you can type it’s boring as hell. With Overkill, there was a story so typing I feel like I’m getting something done. That’s pretty much it gameplay wise. Type the word successfully, kill the zombie. Fun.


    There is a story here, I couldn’t quite follow it. They tried a grindhouse sort of vibe so I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I was having fun while testing my typing skills. A surprise to me, I sucked. So I’ve been playing the hell of it.

    The “Hot Topic” surrounding this game is the foul language the characters use. Everyone remember this is an M rated game. It’s excessive in everything. What’s advertised is what you get. So for the people who complain, do your research. Don’t like it, find another typing simulator.

    This game came out under the radar. Seriously no press. I stumbled on it by accident. In the end, it won’t get its deserved audience. In fact, I think the audience for this will be its smallest. No press. Niche gameplay. Multiplayer (I don’t know how they’re going to do that). The big picture, it may have the smallest audience, but it’s the most rewarding.