Dark Musing…In the Darkness

…in the darkness
I have a friend in the darkness
Though I know not his name
Through whispers and urgings
He loves to play a game
Telling me things 
I know not to be true
Enacted acts and deeds
I believe to be the same
Again tonight
the shadows dance
Spoken words
tug at my ears
They invade
my barely awakened thoughts
Dark rumors
about loved ones
I hold close and dear
My mind it struggles
with suggestive words
pounded constantly
deep into my head
I look beside me
at the conniving
whore who deceitfully
shares my bed
As I slice and
cut and sever
My limbs feel
not my own
My hands deft
in activities
I know now
never to be
those I’ve known
Seems my friend
he has awakened
and taken ahold of me
and it is through
my bloodshot eyes
Atrocity and carnage
From my hands he sees
Laughter bounces from the walls
then deep inside my skull
Momentarily released
I regain control
Shaking with emotion
Marriage bed awash in gore
My wife motionless
Slumped, massacred unrecognizable
A bloodied mess upon the floor
I cannot think
My mind awhirl in fear
Without further thought
I plunge knife
into me so very deep
and with purpose strong
My wife dead
My zest for life
Like her,
no more lives on.
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