The Conjured: Movie Review

conjured - poster

Danelia is a down-on-her-luck artist who inherits her aunt’s house in a small town.  She knows nothing about the aunt but hey, we have a movie here so she goes and lives there.  All seems good for her until she starts having occult nightmares.  She begins seeing a ghost named Adaline.  These events prompt her to do some investigating, aided by her best friend and a local handicapped kid.  Unknown to her is the fact that people start dying that are connected to her.  To go into further details would spoil this movie for you.

This movie just didn’t know what it wanted to do.  It threw a mix of slasher, occult and paranormal themes together.  It was all there but none of them were executed to great effect.  By adding different elements it kept the main theme of the movie hidden.  One saving grace for this movie is that it was driven by the very talented Jill Evyn, who played Danelia.  She was the main focus and I thought she was really good in this movie.  I wanted to enjoy this movie, but it just kept pulling away from one interesting thing to start another without finishing what was making it interesting to begin with.

Rating: 2/5