Sleepy Hollow S2E10: “Magnum Opus”

First of all, I have to apologize to my readers for my being so late in posting this review.  For this reviewer, TV horror needed to take a back seat to the real horror of the events that occurred this week of the killing of 12 year old Tamir Rice by Cleveland police and the grand jury decision on the Mike Brown case in Ferguson.  It’s taken me a few days, but I’m back.

Mirror Mirror

Let’s reflect. As usual, this episode is chock full of fun before opening credits: Katrina chats by mirror; Abbie and Ichabod puzzle over old books, maps, messages, mirror distortion code-breaking and prophecy; Henry eavesdrops; a sheriff is after Captain Irving; a quest begins for the sword of Methusaleh to kill Moloch; the Headless Horseman rides again. Buckle up.

It’s a dark and stormy night, and it’s nice to see the Horseman riding again.  There’s a lot of running.  Abbie fearlessly takes the initiative in a high stakes search for a supernatural weapon. And the soundtrack looms with blares of trumpet. It’s like Season One all over again which is a good thing. We’re back to the dynamic duo fighting the good fight as only they can.  The show works much much better this way. Oh, and no Hawley. He was not missed. OK?

Ic and Ab Magnum Opus

Flashbacks? Oh yeah. With fencing dudes Icabod and Abraham giving a hint of homoeroticism. You know, the we’re playing sports, sweating, getting close, best friends kinda thing, capped by Ichabod’s declaration “He made me who I am.”  This is followed by a pub flashback and a drinking buddies moment with talk of bedding buxom women: cue Katrina, and lo and behold, we have a threesome.

Ichabod is very uber confident and pontificating in this episode, often to comic effect. But it also serves to make him seem more in control and sexier,  and less the bumbling, out-of-his-time guy. I like a balance of those two sides, and we get that this episode.

Ichabod and Abbie go into, yes, you guessed it, yet another cave leading to the town’s underground catacombs.  They discover people turned to stone. Are you thinking Medusa?  She was a Gorgon, so yes. Abbie shows fear, vulnerability and frustration in having to face this creature and her own possible death.  Then she uses her logic to deal with it. Bravo, girl.


The Horseman rides a second time, and did I miss something? Is he ALWAYS accompanied by stormy nights? We get treated to Gorgon SFX. Nice.  Abraham appears to Ichabod as his true self (with head), and the men take up swords against each other.  They argue plot points we already know, but there’s an added injection of doubt about Katrina’s true allegiance.  Before he leaves, Abraham drops, “As I ride with your wife…You have no sword. You are nothing.” Ouch.

Abbie and Ichabod go into Witnesses Overdrive as Abbie gives him that direct, smoldering look, drops her voice deep and low and asks, “What do we have that they didn’t? ” The look is returned by Ichabod,  “Each other.” And they light a flame together to reveal the treasure they seek.  So much symbolism this episode.  Mirrors and true selves and the crucible of fire that tests both courage and love.  The glowing light reflected from the sword is very Medieval and fetching on our Ichabod. Sword in the Stone, the Golden Fleece…any other myths knocking around this episode?

sword in the stone

While Captain Irving takes off to seek his own fate, Henry takes after his dad with all that pontificating. He’s getting on my nerves.  I don’t find him scary AT ALL. As much as I love the actor, the character is tiresome.  I only hope that fast-grow Moloch will step in soon to take the reins. One more episode before the mid-season break, so I have a feeling my wish will come true.

My Pet Peeves

The repetitiveness of some motifs have started to come across as lack of imagination: Henry’s I’ve Got Something New for You at the end of each episode, cave locales for supernatural encounters, it was a dark and stormy night. Yes, I know there’s a formula. I think we need a bit more originality.

My Fav Moments

Abbie’s Clarity of Purpose and Rare Gift: “It is my legacy…It is why I’m here.”

Who needs technology? Mirror as video conference, distortion decoder AND bugging device. Ah, but clever Ichabod has started using his PDA apps!

Icabod Cell Card game

The multiple mentions of Abbie’s mom and her legacy, which means the highs of the previous episode are part of the story arc.

“Thank you, Colonial Myth Buster.”

“Good morning, sunshine.”

“Crane, I can see his head.”

Whenever Abbie sports that pseudo biker babe look in that black cap and leather jacket, it makes me want to actually see her on a bike (writers?)

I don’t know about you, but I hate mid-season breaks. They are the bane of my existence. And it’s a shame to pause just when it feels like the show is starting to finally get its groove again.


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow S2E10: “Magnum Opus””

  1. Yes! Your re-cap is on point and hits most all I thought about the episode. I loved the fight between Abraham and Crane. I think it’s at the very end that you see the moment where Crane realizes he won’t hesitate to kill Abraham again and he realizes that he’s willing to fight dirty to do it! I think the moment where Abraham taunts Crane about the fact that Katrina always returns to Abraham hit the mark and seals the deal for Crane about ending this threat to his marriage once and for all. I could see a probable line of thought in Crane’s mind about finally knowing where Katrina’s heart lies. If Katrina walks away after the threat of the Abraham is gone then he’ll finally know whether she actually loves him or if his being a Witness is the reason she married him. Katrina’s path and motivation is murky but I blame the writers for that. She has become an accessory, worse a costume accessory, so pretty, so shiny, totally unnecessary, but so gaudy she can’t possibly be ignored.
    This is sad because I think her character has value to add to the plot and build more tension between Crane and Abbie in the show. Abbie and Crane’s relationship becomes deeper, stronger, and truer, and based on how Katrina and Crane came together how can Crane not start to compare the relationship he has with the two women in his life. Abbie and Crane’s relationship has the one thing that Katrina and Crane’s relationship don’t – a sense of shared purpose that they both have accepted by choice. Where as Katrina and Crane came together through unexplained motivations and broken bonds. Crane’s broken bond of friendship with Abraham. Katrina’s broken bond of engagement to Abraham. Not to mention Katrina’s unknown bonds to her coven and those fighting to create a future for the Witnesses. Again Katrina’s character could add so much needed richness(at least in this season) and some subtle nuances to honor, love, commitment and what those threads mean to each person. How those threads influence all the characters in the show but alack a lass, to no avail. For now she decorates, literally.

    1. Tyrical, I TOTALLY agree with you on how underused and misused Katrina is as a character, as if she’s an afterthought to appease those who aren’t sure about the potential interracial romance between Ichabod and Abbie. And to model corset with jeans. But to punch up the Abbie/Ichabod intensity, Katrina’s relationship with him has needed to be true, deep, and truly passionate at some point, which I’ve never believed. (BTW I like to call them both by their first names since there are many Cranes and Mills running around!) I think there’s even potential in Abbie and Katrina having more moments together: friendly, angry, jealous, or/and as fellow female fighters (like in “The Weeping Lady”). Basically, I think they need more women writers on the show!

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