Revenge of the toasters…

Robots, a topic that I believe has been sort of swept under the rug and ignored. More than likely because of our technological advancements, people see nothing to fear. So over time the machines that would ultimately take over the world have been over looked. After watching a few machine based films as of late, I’ve realized that this is most certainly a topic that should be brought back and discussed in film such as it was with James Camerons Terminator series, which if you haven’t seen, you are very deprived and I’m going to be honest, you should feel bad. The film revolves around the machines taking over the future so there’s an entire rebel alliance that fights against them but when the machines send a Terminator (cyborg with a mission to kill) back in time to kill the leader of the resistance, the rebel group sends a member back in time to combat and save their leader, then a bunch of stuff happens in between. Needless to say that the intention of the film wasn’t that machines would literally take over and we would have to fend ourselves from Terminators and other cyborgs but that we would become overly consumed by technology and enslaved by it. In the sense of nose always stuck in cell phone, 500 television channels on your cable box. All of that stuff Tyler Durden is against. There has been an enormous zombie trend going on as of late which ties in to all of this, here we are fearing a zombie apocalypse, despite it’s already upon us due to technology. You may as yell consider acronyms such as “YOLO” a spit in the face from the machines with their beep boop bop flippidy flop drives and what not. So despite that entire hiding in the basement conspiracy theory jingo jango, I do sincerely believe that the robots,cyborgs, and machines should be brought back into the spotlight. Which a film that really inspired me to think into it recently was “The Worlds End” which was an amazing spectacle of a film and recommend anyone with a soul and a sense of humour to check it out, in fact I require you to do so. I love that machines were the antagonists in the film because it’s just bloody brilliant. They come to earth trying to take over by recycling the humans and replacing them with machine replicas based off of their DNA. Then there’s an entire moral story involving growing up and such, giving into the machine. Growing up and becoming a robot through the union of one with society. Then another film that I really enjoy which isn’t a part of the horror genre is Robocop, you can’t hate Robocop though, if you do then you’re a communist and hate puppies likewise. It’s about a guy who is a cop that gets all sorts of blown to bits, only to be resurrected as a cyborg. Part man and part machine. Soon after they rebuild him, he is off kicking ass and taking names but ultimately when the other machines his owners develop go rogue, it essentially is the machines revolting in attempt to take over. Then the sad truth which I must admit, I would love to discuss even more amazing movies that deal wtih robots but you ultimately realize that the genre is lacking so much. As of late it’s very bare bones while zombies get all of the attention which in my opinion don’t deserve what so ever. The machines have taken over and the end is near, stay thirsty my friends.

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