Mama Movie Review by Tim Walchusky

For those who are new to me, you are going to witness someone who loves horror movies. You will also notice I don’t pull punches and i will tear apart the genre i love if its nothing but an epic failure.

For those who DO know me, you are already used to it!

With that being said, I had the fortune, or how i see it, MIS-fortune to watch the movie Mama.

First thing is first. I am absolutely critical of any horror movie rated PG13. Only one movie have i ever enjoyed in my 33 years on this planet was the movie Insideous. Even now I adore that movie and what it accomplished with that rating.

I am a big fan of Del Toro. I think Pans Labrynth and also The Orphanage should have gotten more recognition than they got. So even me, being weary of the PG-13, I had confidence in him to create something wonderful. Maybe not so much on the gore, but in building the atmosphere. Well after Del Toro that’s where this movie falls apart. I didn’t like a thing about this movie. I won’t list any pros to this movie because there wasn’t any. But here were the reasons I hated this movie.

The characters… I couldn’t identify with any of them. I felt them annoying. And to be honest with you i could care less if they all died. In fact, I wish they had (IN THE MOVIE!!)

The CGI was awful. To his credit it was used sparingly. However, if he didn’t use it at all, or even more it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would of hated it either way when it was said and done.

Tension. This is the big one for me. First and foremost I am a gore hound. I guess you can say I’m a follower of Director Tim Sullivan’s philosophy about “Spread the red” . Being this was PG13, I KNEW this wasn’t going to happen. So they best fill up the tension. This movie didn’t do that. So no blood, no tension. Now I am getting pissed.

Another big issue I had was backstory. I didn’t really explain much at all. It tried to. It really did. But once again, what was presented wasn’t enough to make it a satisfying movie. Fail. The running time was 1 hour 40 minutes. As an Atheist I was hoping the pain would end quickly after I got half way through. IF it went any longer than it did, I probably would have started looking for God.

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