House on Haunted Hill: Movie Review

house on haunted hill - poster

Hello boy’s and girl’s, Uncle Kreepy here and today i will be reviewing the horror classic House On Haunted Hill, starring Vincent Price.  This masterpiece is a true delight, with a great story line and superb acting.  How can it get better?  You add the horror icon Vincent Price and TADA!!  Perfection.  What could be more fun than throwing your wife a birthday bash in a haunted mansion while inviting complete strangers as guests?  Nothing.  Did i mention party favors include loaded pistols?

As if that’s not enough, everyone is locked inside until dawn at the stroke of midnight.  On the upside, anyone who makes it through the night wins a handful of sweaty money.  But things are not always what they seem and chaos soon ensues; a mysterious floating woman, a pit filled with acid and a host who is more than suspicious.

If you like ghosts, creepy dungeons, suspense and murder, then this is the movie for you. I highly recommend this flick and give it two Uncle Kreepy thumbs up.

Until next time kids, keep it Kreepy and remember…I am always watching!

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