Goatcraft – “All For Naught” Necroclassical Music Review


“All For Naught”

Forbidden Records


Necroclassical-Dark Ambient-Satanic-Nihilistic -Piano Music? I’m really not sure what the hell this actually means but the concept of evil piano music really interests me! I’m open minded to other music genres that have been invaded by the dark side of horror. After all, Anton LaVey was a classical musician that released several albums, so it can be done. And for those of you that want to stop reading at this point, let me assure you, THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK!

Goatcraft is the solo effort of Lonegoat, who is a self taught musician(put that one in your bowl and smoke it after hearing him play!) who has a strong stance against people using classical music as background noise but would rather create music that commands attention.  He feeds his dark (to some) inspiration which is realism to him and gets his ideas from observing humanity and (according to him) its downfall. He emphasizes this on the inside cover:

“In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it.” — Ernst Fischer

All For Naught” was a 2013 release but I’m just now getting my hands on a copy due to its limited release. It appears to be your typical underground black metal album with black and white sketch art and old English font. Very reminiscent of the black metal bands that inspired Lonegoat and many of us. However this album has much more to reflect upon than the stereotypical blast beats and chainsaw guitars.

As much as people want to label his music “metal”, “dark ambient”, or “goth” the truth be told what he does is based on classical piano and therefore it is “Neoclassical Dark Ambient” or as Lonegoat prefers the term “Necroclassical”.  And I thought I was good with the horror puns.

What seems as though it is Lonegoat getting overly enthusiastic banging his fist on the keyboard on the opening track “Call Me Judas” ultimately results in the most beautiful and haunting melody of dark dissonant chords over many a minor scale solo. “Vestibule to the Abyss” is another example of this and a stand out favorite of mine.  All the songs are draped in heavy reverb allowing the listener to better picture themselves listening to a live performance inside a large gothic parlor. There is an occasional moment where I think the piano (keyboard) is slightly out of tune. Maybe it is just my ears or he is playing again with the dissonant notes outside of the scale. Whatever it is, it works to add a subtle uneasiness to the piece. (Crash course in music. The human ear is accustomed to listening to tones that resonate easily in the ear such as the root note and the 5th note of the scale i.e. a “power chord”. This allows for an easy feeling. However when a root note is combined with an augmented note either not in the scale or in the scale but not normally used such as the 4thnote,  the brain interprets the sounds as awkward thus creating an uncomfortable sensation for the listener.)  With multiple time changes throughout and unusual rhythm melodies under repetitive scale runs the music keeps the listener paying attention when such as the abrupt and unexpected ending to “The Rape of Europa” happens. (I thought my CD player had said “Fuck this!”)

This is an album that you would want to either use as a soundtrack to a haunted house attraction or enjoy over a glass of absinthe by the fireplace.  Goatcraft is an offering that will change any listener’s opinion on classical music after one rotation of this necrophilic sanctimony. It takes a release as such to open the minds of hardcore genre fans and break down doors to show that genre lines can be blurred and most of the time the end result is spooktacular!

Please be on the lookout for Goatcraft’s new release “The Blasphemer” on sale March 3rd, 2014 from Voidhanger Records. It will have a limited jeweled case with a 32 page booklet full of art, commentaries, and liner notes and even a limited edition cassette will be available!

I just want to point out also that he is from TEXAS! Apparently I’m not the only graverobber from Creepsville, Texas lurking around.


Check out Goatcraft at their website   www. goatcraft.net


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