Deadites Gone Wild

Deadites, today I am talking about Deadites. Some people have their holy grail and is Evil Dead. My thoughts aren’t revolving around the overall films but the evil within the woods itself; the Deadites.

Ancient Kandarian demons possessing people and generally fucking shit up. Of course there is a new generation that is more familiar with the remake; Which to me didn’t have Deadites in it what so ever. Several of the zeds in the film reminded me more of Edgar from Men In Black. There were several times when I was waiting for the zeds in Evil Dead’13 to start commanding David to bring them sugar and water. Though I reject Evil Dead’13 for everything but Eric, who was like Red from Pineaplle Express in a horror film. This isn’t about that, this is about Deadites, pure ancient kandarian demons possessing teenagers with in the woods.

I’ll begin with something that I found awesome about the Deadites, the fact that they taunt their victims; Whether it be Cheryl from the first or it be Henrietta from Evil Dead 2. The time spent in the trailer was basically the two of them harassing the soon to be victims as well as Ash. There’s something about that which adds to the atmosphere of the film because not only are these chaps being tortured physically by the Deadites but they are taunting them and laughing at their suffering.

Their soulless eyes, the blank white contacts that Raimi used for the Deadites was bloody brilliant. There is a saying that the eyes are a gateway to the soul, so if you have nothing but emptiness to look upon then what you are observing is utterly soulless. They are evil. They are the abyss. You look into those empty eyes and you know that your friend is no longer with you. Then of course the tricks that the Deadites pull where they flip back into the human who they possessed to lure them in close and slaughter them. It’s insanely awesome. There’s a certain suspense to it if you haven’t seen the film before which makes one ask the question if somehow that person had the will power to fight off the demon and take back control, then as the would be hero gets close it’s just BOOM! They get attacked.

Their facial expressions and make up, there’s just something evil about how Linda looks as she sits laughing and singing “We’re gonna get you, not another peep. Time to go to sleep”. Something about Linda’s face as well as Cheryl’s was so menacing, especially in comparison to the characters in the remake. There was just something so much more menacing about the Deadites rather than the zeds, something magical the zeds lacked.

Now for the best part about the Deadites, all bets are off, there are no rules. They kill to kill. Once they snatch your soul essentially there is no coming back what so ever. With Ash being the exception, first due to circumstance then the second being the power of love, the will power he felt from seeing the necklace that he gave to Linda. People in the originals were getting possessed without any real explanation. It just happened. There was no telling who was next and who would soon to be tortured. This is what made the Deadites so awesome rather than the Zeds from the remake. There’s no cleansing from fire, dismemberment, or live burial. No ability to simply put a plastic bag over someone’s head and have it be that simple. Despite there being a remake, the original and the Deadites will always stand out as the best to me.

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