Cruelty and the Beat

Trampled, Scratched and Covered in Cobwebs but Still it Spins
Prostitute Disfigurement
Descendants of Depravity
Neurotic Records
Track Listing:
Torn in Bloated Form
The Sadist King and the Generalissimo of Pain
In Sanity Concealed
Killing for Company
Storm of the Fiend
Life Depraved
Carnal Rapture
Fatal Fornication
Sworn to Degeneracy
Have you ever discovered a CD in your collection you have no recollection of purchasing? This is one of those CD’s and moments for me. Thankfully though this CD wasn’t a ‘Madonna’s Greatest Hits’ or the ‘Funkier Times in the history of ABBA’. Neither of which I actually own. (It’s true!)
You have probably guessed, from the band’s name alone, that this CD isn’t appropriate for all ages, fluffy animals, Grandma, or even a local church gathering. You would be correct in this assumption.
This is a CD that literally screams “death metal” through the hard plastic casing, and you should probably all know by now that most elderly relatives don’t enjoy that type of thing (unless you have a cool extended family, there are of course always exceptions)! The CD boasts front cover artwork and a rather scary photo of the band on the back complete with song titles, blah, blah, blah. (Beavis and Butthead impression inserted here!)
The art work depicts, in my opinion, a catacomb web / cocoon of sorts. The floor of said structure is filled with bones and human remains. Arising from the floor is a beast in human form, its torso blanketed by the souls and skulls of the captured (?) and devoured. Their forms are dry, but still screaming in torment, not a drop of blood to be seen. The beast seems to be attaining power from their blood as well as their souls. I’m having a lot of fun with this review! Quite the impressive piece of artwork.
 Pars Olofsson- the artist
It would be an amazing print to adorn a wall of any discerning Death/Metal head for sure.
I will freely admit to having heard this band and their music before, (I’ll shorten their name now to save on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome meds), I have a number of their tracks on my phone. Most if not all of these tracks are taken from earlier releases, namely Deeds of Derangement (2003) and ‘Embalmed Madness’ (2001, reissued in 2003). These songs harken back to a bygone grind core/extreme death era with harsh “Bree Bree Bree” vocals (sorry – a metal head’s inside joke there!) and outstanding Stickmanship (A word? I may have just made it up. Copyright anyone?) I find myself listening to them now, quite unable to sit still, I’ll be very surprised if my chair doesn’t break in protest under my overexcited derriere.
I was unsure what to expect with P.D’s (that’s easier!) new release, as many European metal acts have changed their style (even drastically within two releases) namely Samael, Pestilence and Morgoth (“Clown Metal” – “What The Fu-!”)
Descendants of Depravity does not disappoint. Gone are the “Bree” vocal stylings of Neils replaced now by cleaner and more understandable grunts, growls and the occasional scream (also Neils.)
From the first track; “Torn in Bloated Form”
the CD grabs you by the throat. The opening mile-a-second drum beat continues to pummel you relentlessly. You hit the ground with a sickening thud and that’s when the vocals literally melt the flesh from your bones. No apologies here folks!
In this genre I find that decent bands and outstanding bands are usually separated by only two things; musicianship (technicality and originality) and vocals. Many bands have a vocalist seemingly unwilling to stray from the proven formula that works.
A rare few stray and find their own path, an example: “Black Dahlia Murder” and the vocal stylings of Trevor Strnad (two for one!?) Upon witnessing them for the first time I believed it to be two vocalists. Boy! Was I made to look silly!
I digress. P.D’s vocalist, Neils, is a formidable force. I can envisage Neils clenching the mike in both hands (I have never seen them live) a visual foreplay – of sorts – leading to probable consumption from a brutal predator. My ears have heard many a death metal act and I will, for the record, state that P.D are one of the best. This review is taking me literally hours to write. Not because I don’t know what to write, it’s because I can’t stop playing the CD, tapping my fingers and nodding my head at a furious pace.
Its just that impressive! Its not just the brilliant vocal manipulations and cadence its also the guitar work, the melodies, and the brutal riffs.
Did I mention the drumming yet…?
Wow! I’m curious if Michiel, the Sticksman, has octopus DNA. Impressive doesn’t even come close, I am stumped for a fitting descriptive compliment without finding myself on another diatribe.
Think drum work along the same styles of stand out death acts, Dying Fetus or even the similar, in ways, Misery Index.
Without a second’s deliberation I will recommend this well produced slab of “Melodic Death Mastery” wholeheartedly. It deserves to fit snugly in your collection alongside earlier works from Cannibal Corpse, Death, and the technical act, Atheist from Florida. Ironically enough the sound and feel of a few of the tracks, “In Sanity Concealed” an example remind me of another Florida based metal act, the almighty, Abysmal Dawn
I’ll be the first to admit this review is a little jumbled, out of sorts if you will, again I shall blame the music. Again I state…its just that damn impressive!
Four and a half swirling tornado pits of death out of five.
Singing Out.