AHS:Coven “The Axe Man Cometh”

American Horror Story

The Axe Man Cometh

By Cat Scully

It’s 1919 and a mysterious narrator writer enters the scene with his typewriter, calling himself the Axe Man. He writes in a small room with newspaper clippings and saxophone, saying the victims will be known by the murder with his axe. The witches of 1919 read the newspaper clipping the Axe Man will be stalking people that do not play jazz music. The sisters debate in their docile decisions what to do, so they decide to unite with their powers to find him and keep him from ruling their city. That Tuesday night, the Axe Man stalks the streets, hearing jazz pour from every home but the witches school. He walks up the pathway, axe in hand, and enters. The lead witch rallying the girls is reading tarot on the floor as he enters and turns off the music, saying he gave fair warning. She draws the death card and says it’s expected as witches begin to stab him all at once until he dies.

Zoe sees a bottle she drops roll into the closet and behind a hidden door. She finds a ton of old photos and pilfers through the boxes until she finds a Ouija board. She shows the photos to Nan and Queenie, imploring them to watch each others backs, sharing Absinthe with them to pledge to take care of each other. Queenie is hesitant to use the board Zoe brings because it brought a bad spirit out that took her grandmother’s face off. They ask the board who is speaking to it and it answers not only that it was murdered, but that witches killed it and names itself the Axe Man. Queenie stops the board and yells at Zoe saying if survival is so important, she better be careful of who she talks to.

Meanwhile, Fiona is in the hospital and starts picking up the ability to listen to other people’s thoughts. The other patients begin to drive her insane, but the doctor comes in and makes her take her seat to finish her treatment. They give her the medication and she goes delirious and says what she wants is to really belong to somebody. Her blind daughter comes to visit her at home with her husband, immediately smelling the roses and asking for chrysanthemums for strength. She tells her husband that she had to go blind to really see him, finally seeing the redhead he killed. On her own, Cordelia opens and shuts the doors on her husband. Fiona touches her to help her, but sees that Myrtle was burned at the stake “for what she did to Cordelia.”

Zoe researches the Axe Man, learning the axe meant both his saxophone and a real axe. Queenie is still hesitant, believing spirits will say anything to escape and plague them. Nan also says she doesn’t want to help. Zoe goes back to ask the board where Madison is, promising release if he helps her. He spells out “ATTIC,” so Zoe goes upstairs and finds Spalding’s room reeking ,rightfully ,like dead corpse. She opens the trunk and finds Madison’s body and the butler grabs her from behind and grabs her mouth to keep her from screaming. She struggles away and knocks him over the head easily.

Queenie, Zoe, and Nan tie the butler up thinking he is hiding something. They begin to burn him, thinking he killed Madison. He readily admits to killing her, making up a story that he had sex with her corpse and that’s why he killed her. He asks them through Nan’s mind what they will do now, but Queenie begins to voodoo torture him. Zoe doubts he killed Madison, thinking he’s learned a trick or two on how to hide things from witches.

In her garden, Missy waters her plants, but there is a body below the dirt covered with swamp water that’s the remains of Myrtle Snow. Kyle returns to Missy and she gives him a bath, but he keeps retaliating remembering his mother and thinking Missy is her. He smashes her music and Missy begins to sob, calling him a monster. Kyle sobs in her arms as Missy says to get him out of there because he broke Stevie. Zoe tells her that he needs her help. She takes Missy back to Madison and asks her to put her back to put it back together. Missy is hesitant, but tries to bring her back. She asks Zoe to help and immediately Madison starts to come back to life, pushing the death out of her. Madison screams back to life and asks for a cigarette.

Cordelia’s husband rushes to LaLaurie’s shop and tells her that they have a problem. He blames LeVeau for scaring his wife and causing her to gain second sight and potentially “ruin their plans.” Marie denies it, saying she “isn’t the Taliban” causing those things to happen, and says she didn’t hire a professional witch hunter for nothing. He says after six years in that house, he’s given her access and that she wanted all the Salem descendants. We cut to a redhead he killed named Kayleigh who came to the coven earlier as a witch applying to be a part of the school but hesitant. We see her argue with her boyfriend, who doesn’t want to marry her because there is “something wrong with her” and he agrees. She lights him on fire and Cordelia tries to convince her that being surrounded by people with similar gifts would help her. She says that she just wanted a husband and kids, but we see Cordelia’s husband listening in from the other room and realize that he’s the one responsible for killing all the coven witches slowly for LeVeau, which he confirms to her claiming nine kills in five years. LeVeau claims that he really is in love with Cordelia and tells her that after Bastian he better go back to the house and bring back every witch head if he wants to live.

Missy rummages through the fridge and takes some food, leaving for the night, but Zoe offers her a bed to sleep in. Missy refuses, saying that she gets bad vibes from them and that she is still looking for her tribe but they aren’t it. She also refuses to take Kyle back since he’s a walking tornado. Upstairs, Cordelia picks a lock and enters Fiona’s room, feeling her things and her pills. She strips, but feels the Axe Man there who tells her that he always hated that room. Cordelia asks him what he wants and he says release. He’s furious that Zoe didn’t release him like she promised. Cordelia says she can help if she can leave, but he refuses to help unless she calls back the witch that promised to release him. He chases her around the room. Zoe feels for a book to help make him pass on and finds it immediately, doing the spell naturally. The Axe Man leaves the house, content until he sees a car pass playing rap music.

Madison wakes and Zoe feeds her a drink to help her stomach, but she throws it up. She thinks that she was in a car crash, but Zoe explains that she died and Madison can only remember seeing red, leaving everything still open-ended. Meanwhile, Fiona sits at the bar and feels her hair start to fall out as she listens to jazz music. She sees a hat placed on the bar and the Axe Man bids her hello. He asks her what she’s drinking and we cut to black.