My Fascination With Horror by September Carrino


My fascination with horror started at a very young age. I can clearly remember my parents taking me to see Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare in 3D. You had to watch the last minutes with the old school 3D glasses. (You remember those silly glasses with a blue lens on one side and a red lens on the other side? Yep, those!) After that I got into vampires and all things “scary” and it was all over for me.

Now as an adult I love the horror genre because of all the possibilities that the story could lead. I like that heart thumping effect those movies give where you’re on the edge of your seat wondering “Will they get away?”. How could you not get a rush out of the chase scenes, and a thrill from the character’s narrow escapes? On top of that, horror has the best special effects out there! (I am big on special effects!) Some of my favorite movies growing up where “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”(the original, of course) and all of the “Nightmare On Elm Street” movies, because they just had this “it” factor that did it for me and the effects where great for their time!

I like gore, I like messes. If you’ve got blood, I’ll take it! And for a woman to say that, now that is definitely unique!

If I were able to be in a horror movie today, I think like most women, I would want to play the part of a sexy vampire. I’d want a wardrobe with something like a satin corset, lace, (think very Victorian age), high heel boots, and a gothic choker around my pale neck but with perfectly sharp blood red lips that part to expose my pointed fangs. I would want to start off as a sexy vamp, then just before the kill, turn into the worst kind of monster and go all sorts of nuts on my victim! (Remember, the more blood, the better.) Kind of like Selma Hayek did in From Dusk Till Dawn. It is all about the element of surprise.


I don’t remember the first movie that I ever watched. But I sure in the hell remember the first horror movie I watched, where I was, and who was with me! It had that much of an impact on me. The everlasting effect a GOOD horror movie has on you, that is what I love! That kind of memory stays with you. I love being a part of the horror community! It’s important for me to be a part of something that I know is going to make those same memories for others the way it did for me. As an actress those are the type of movies I look for to be in and to be a part of.

September Carrino


September was raised in a small town with many scary locations which had a hand on influencing her love for horror today. She was active in drama and Community Theater in middle school and high school.  At 20 years old and at a crossroad in her life, she heard about a Playboy casting call at the Playboy Mansion. Next thing she knew she was in Florida shooting her first cover and pictorial. In an interview with Playboy T.V. she said, “I just wanted to go to the Playboy Mansion, I wasn’t expecting to actually get picked”. From there September’s career as a Playboy and pinup model took off. Now in her mid twenties she wants to return to her roots and pursue acting. As we watch September’s career grow, she won’t disappoint on the big screen. You can follow her on Twitter @September87




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  1. I’m really glad to read about you and other women being interested and loving this genre. The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still disturbing after all these years. I liked reading that you would ugly yourself up to be a vampire in a flick. I would watch that right away.

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